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Thursday, August 29, 2013


Although the books look worn, it is more from traveling
with me than actual reading by me!

I have started a pretty big
book list and these two are my
first two on the list.
As much as I would like to get absorbed into reading...
I think they just need to go back on the shelf for a while.
I have a sewing machine ready to race through
a mountain of projects...
only slowing down for the curves...
and thank goodness there are very few curves
in a quilt!

I got the binding finished on this Juggle quilt. I just had to use the
checkered print and cut it on the bias... I love that look.

this is the fabric. However, I forgot that I wanted to do
a wave border... a mock scallop of sorts. Curves!
Darn. I missed that one!

 Making a little progress on my secret quilt.
Quilting is finished... now for the binding here.

In the meantime,
I have composed my class list for the next schedule at
my local quilt shop.

I have put Sherri's Shine pattern
on the list.

(photo borrowed from A Quilting Life blog)
I am excited to make that one!

Vintage Holiday is also on the class list. I don't think that
quilt got made into a class last year, so it might be a
good class for this fall/winter schedule.

and a Schnibbles pattern, of course!
(probably not this one... but I thought I would show it
just to remind you that this little Canasta quilt will
be the Schnibbles of the month in the next parade...
coming soon!)

Whew, I feel better getting this out on "paper", my
poor head has been spinning.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

All Shapes and Sizes Welcome!

Remember when I said I felt like cutting?

I evidently felt like cutting all shapes and sizes.
Triangles are good.
I picked up this pattern at Temecula Quilt Co.
while I was in Southern California
for the Road to California show.

Point Me.
DDIL came over on Saturday and we started in
on it! Mostly I ran interference with Ms. Evie Lou Who.
DDIL did get all of her blocks made though... but mine
are still "in waiting".

 I don't even know what you call this shape.

However, I do know what they turn into!
I seriously love Dresden Plates!

I have had this magazine out so long that it is tattered from
neglect. Then recently not only was Ms. Cupcake n Daisies 
working on this project but also Joanna from the Patriotic Quilter
blog. Of course, it was like stirring the pot. 
The more I saw of the progress the more that tattered magazine
called out my name.
I might not get to it right away, but at least I know I have it
started and the fabric designated...
beyond the point of no return!
Everything is cut and ready to go.
All I need is... time.

Remember the Rolling Stones song...
Time Is On My Side?
I have my doubts!
Monday, August 26, 2013

Hello Monday!

I am happy to have had a fun day of sewing yesterday!

I made my blocks for my Bees Knees quilting bee!

This was a super fun block and super easy to make.
Scrap heaven!

I got my quilt back from the LAQ also.
So, now I can finish it up tonight.

And then there is this project.
Inside this little tote bag is a secret project that had my attention
yesterday! I finished it up...
and handed off to my LAQ today.
 I can't wait to show you
well, I don't know when!
But as soon as I can I will!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Ramblings

                Fig Tree class at Craftsy! woohoo!
I am looking forward to the weekend! Yeah!
I noticed this and thought I would pass on the info!
Joanna has a Craftsy class.
4 different projects. 
Fun... times four!
(click on Joanna's link to see the different projects that she will be teaching)

                          In Stitches: Blossoms Everywhere

Since I have been on the subject of Marmalade this week... I thought I would share another
cute pattern made up using the fabric. It was on Pinterest, pinned from Kate's in Stitches blog.

I hope to have my Marmalade blocks sewn together over the weekend.

But sometimes I feel more like cutting than I do sewing.
It might be an aggression thing... I will have to think about that!

Another quilt that I have been seeing on Pinterest is
On a Whim.
This one is from Camille's blog, Simplify


I also saw this quilt made up in French General fabrics at a show last year. It
was gorgeous!

This weekend I also have to pick my project and get it ready for 
my Bees Knees bee group.
September is my month!
I haven't been able to decide... it's been killing me!
Now it's time, so, I had just better do it!
Oh, and I think a little bit of Schnibbling is in order over the weekend too!
September 1st is getting closer!!!

On another note...

That is no ordinary cloud.
That is a smoke plume of the Rim fire that is burning
just north of Yosemite in the Stanislaus National Forest but has just
entered into the back country of the park. 
I took this photo is from outside the south end of the park.

The park is actually the size of the state of Rhode Island.

However, the acreage that has burned at this time
is twice the size of Sacramento, 
over 105,000 acres, as of this morning.
Does that give you an idea of how big the fire is?

                                Helicopters were out in force making water drops near Ferretti Rd. in Groveland, Calif., as the 16,000 acre Rim Fire continues to grow on Wednesday August 21, 2013. Photo: Michael Macor, San Francisco Chronicle 
It's like throwing a thimble of water on it!

My thoughts are with the families in the area and the
firefighters working on this massive fire!
Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Marmalade Winner and Midweek Mosaic

homemade jam
Well, that was pretty fun!
Thank you for all the comments.
I have a winner picked out of the
hat by a unbiased party...
by that I mean I placed a call to my non bloggy friend Rhonda
and had her randomly pick a name.

The winner is:
CathyK said...
How sweet of you to give your friend a pretty quilt! 
Your Christmas quilt looks like it is going to be just darling! 
I have not even started mine! :( I have the fabric picked out, 
just working on too many other projects.

One Marmalade pattern coming your way!
Send me your address.

I think I will do that again next week... re-gifting is fun!
I love gifted jam... and patterns!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's the Little Things

Yesterday I was blogging about Marmalade, the fabric...
this morning I ran across this pattern in my collection
from Thimble Blossoms. It's Marmalade.
I did not ever put the two together before.
Marmalade the TB fabric, Marmalade the TB pattern.
Since I have made this quilt...  I thought I would 
do a little one day giveaway.
Leave me a comment if you would like to be in the drawing.

I am still working on catching up with my Deck-ade block of the month from
Fat Quarter Shop. These blocks are so darn cute.

They are coming together ... faster for some, slower for me.
I need to make the wreaths next.

 Yesterday they reviled the next block instructions! It's
a free block of the month to celebrate their 10 year anniversary.

You can go over to the Fat Quarter Shop blog and see all about it.
It's the trees this time. I could make a whole quilt just out of that pattern!

On another note...
Today I gave a friend of mine this quilt that I had found at an estate sale.

My wonderful friend hand quilts all of her quilts...
so I thought she would enjoy this one.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Mostly Marmalade

I started working on another project.
Another project that was not on my Summer Fun list.

It wasn't on the top 10.
However, I really wanted to make it.
I really needed to make it.

Because it's going to be a project that I plan on teaching
at my retreat in October. 

So I thought I had better get a move on it.
Project supply lists will be going out at the end of this month.

I have had this layer cake of Marmalade since it came out...
or even slightly before that.
I have wanted to make at least 6 quilts with it.
But since I didn't...
it was assigned to this project. I threw in a little
bit of Riley Blake along with it too.

Here is the idea.

A sweet and simple, sew it together quickly,
Churn Dash.
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Inspiration

And here I thought I didn't have much to talk about...

Earlier this week I taught a class at my LQS.
It was on Milky Way by Fig Tree and Co.
It's no secret that I am a Joanna fan!
I had made this quilt earlier in the year and used my
"Bloggers Choice" bundle from Fat Quarter Shop.
I'm a big fan of theirs also.
(bundle is no longer available)

Everyone was so fun in the class and did so well on their blocks!
Even though the stars look a little bit on the advanced side...
They are really doable and actually fun to make.
Here is some of the stars in progress...
Made in Avalon fabric group from FT&Co.

Made in Shabby Chic.

 Made using Kaffe fabrics

And this one using batik's and a navy background!
It was a fun evening... I think we all had fun!

Here is a group of the newest Fig Tree and Co. patterns just
waiting to be made. I keep seeing that Cherry Pi quilt popping up
on Pinterest. It is really really sweet.
I have no idea which one will come first...
but I am inspired by the stars this week and those basket blocks 
are using the same method as in the Milky Way quilt.
It might be just the one... I will have to see what fabrics
I have in my arsenal that just might work for it!

Thank you for supporting my DIL and voting for her 
designs over at Connecting Threads
You can read about Jillian's entries on the last post if you haven't already
seen it!

Oh, and one more bit of news...
for the last few months
there has been this cat showing up 
around our home. I couldn't decide if she was actually a feral cat
or some type of bobcat.
I have a couple of pictures I took of her 

she is digging at something here... and here
 I turned around and saw her watching us

when I was outside with Evie last weekend.
Kind of creepie!
But now, we have discovered that she has babies...
in our boat!
Now I don't think she is creepie... just a mom
trying to keep her kittens in a safe place.

I set out food for her last night.
Have a good weekend!
Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Vote For Jillian!

My DDIL, Jillian, entered into the
Connecting Threads
Fabric Design Challenge!

Today the voting begins!!!
I adore her so much and
I am so excited to show you her

vote for one of these two entries are on this page

and in the botanical division there is this one...

that you can find on this page. The colorful little birds in these
aren't showing up so well unfortunately. They are the same little
birds that are in the top photo.

Here is a close up of the design.

It would be wonderful if you would take a moment and
go vote.
Of course what I really mean is that I would love it if you would vote
 for Jillian Gamble from Coarsegold.

 The contest ends on September 2nd.
Let me know what you think!
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