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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Imagine Quilts Book Review.

I haven't done very much quilting this week.
I am sorry to say that there isn't much to show.
I did revive a project I started... Sail Away.
I began building more boats!

(I keep thinking of the Lucky Charms commercial...
I think I will build a boat and Sail Away)

Not a lot of progress yet... but I am ready to go!

 I do have a book review to share today.
The book is by Martingale Publishers.
It's called Imagine Quilts by Dana Bolyard.
You might know her from the Old Red Barn Co. blog.

You can find a great interview with  Pat Sloan featuring Dana here
and there is another great interview on Stitch This... 
I know you are going to enjoy getting to know Dana. 
Her book is really down to earth easy to follow.
She takes you by the hand and guides you through some of the 
basic techniques... but adds her little twist... and
before you know it, you have a little extra confidence
to try something new... and maybe even create
something "outside the box".
Dana Bolyard
Dana's suggestions:

1. Get inspired by your fabric stash
2. Use common techniques in new ways
3. Look around for inspiration—it’s everywhere!
4. Break the rules and have fun

Here are a few of the quilt projects in her book.

This is a version of her cover quilt in completely different colors!
Isn't it fun?
There is 11 projects in the book... 
this one is my favorite...
This one is first on my list to make for a 
little baby boy that was born yesterday!

I think you will enjoy Imagine Quilts and Dana too!
You can find her book at Martingale or at Amazon.
(photography by Brent Kane)

Monday, July 28, 2014

More Pink Week

 Of course we need a show of PINK quilts for 
our pink week!
Simple and sweet.

Cute... and it looks simple enough... but I know this is 
not an easy block.


Pinwheels and prairie points. I love the combo.

A Tula Pinik pattern. 
Cool and contemporary.
(cool as in awesome)

Adorable. I would make a small one of these Grandma's Flower Garden.

In one word: Nice.





and I love the bubble gum pink here!

Shades of pink and a crow ta'boot!

(these photos were from Pinterest... but include
quilts from Tracey Jay, Sewn With Grace, Lori Holt,
Pam Kitty Morning, Wombat Quilts, and Raspberry Rainbow along with 
a variety of vintage quilts).

Have a happy Monday!
Saturday, July 26, 2014

And More Pink!

Seriously... why aren't they all pink?


Wow... take me there!

Okay, not only the hose... but look at what is holding up the hose!

Now, that is a sweet pink retro pay phone!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Pink Week Continued

I am a big fan of Ball jars... pink ones are even better!

Just too darn cute!

Love this!

Of course some pink Crayolas

Cath pink... and blue too!

I can only imagine what this tastes like!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

HOld ON! BaCk iT Up...

I realize that things have been hectic in my life... 
going way to fast and yet in some respects... moving at a snails pace.
But seriously... how did I miss National Pink Day?

That is unacceptable in my book! 
So, even though it has past... we are going to celebrate it and
not only today... but the rest of the week!

Starting with some PINK eye candy:

I wish I had this front door!

A perfect umbrella.

I want them all... and

I will take one of these too!


Seat me here... next to another lefty please!

(photos from my board on Pinterest)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What I'm Working on Wednesday

I have a love hate relationship with block of the month's!
I do love this one I finished from Fat Quarter Shop.
It was a Designer Mystery for 2011 made using Fig Tree & Co. 
Strawberry Fields fabric line.
(one of my all time favorite Fig Tree groups of fabric)

Right now I am receiving the 
Fig Tree Vintage Farmhouse BOM...
and am sorely behind in making my blocks!
But I enjoy getting them in the mail the middle of each month!

This is the fabric line we are using for the BOM.

And then...
there is this new 
Block of the Month starting in

Of course I signed up for it!

I can't wait to play with this one!

I need to sign myself back up for my BOM Rehab!
Am I alone?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Playing and La Playa!

I was able to play a little with my Gypsy Kisses units!
I am coming along... I have it timed that I can make 2 every 15 minutes 
but that is without interruptions. 

I am really enjoying the process but I haven't decided if I will
make the large size that is in the Material Obsessions book or if
I will make a smaller version of the quilt. 
I guess I will play it by ear.
I have already decided that I like the alternate fabric and that I will plan to use it as my
background fabric so that the "kisses" will kind of just float.

I stumbled upon a plastic shoe box full of half square triangles...

It was the last thing to be moved from the old house and put away.
I am so excited to see these little cuties!

A few years ago I was making La Playa
by Minick and Simpson and I used this line of fabric.
I must have went crazy to have so many leftover HST's!
I remember after the body of the quilt was 
together and seeing all of these leftovers...
I had a little plan in my head stirring but that is where I left off.

My idea was to make little sail boats around the border of the quilt 
instead of the applique the pattern calls for.
(Imagine that)
So, how fun is it that I happen to be making  Sail Away... sail boats right now!
So I think I will just make a few more with these fabrics... and maybe a little tweaking of the 
pattern for a different look... and then I will have another UFO conquered!

Did you know that Fat Quarter Shop is having a sale???

Through Friday!
25% off Moda!!!

I might need to go see what is new with Minick and Simpson!!!
(hop on over there to get the special code and shop)!
Looks like I could do a little la-play-a there too!!!
Friday, July 11, 2014

I Think This Is Going To Be Fun

This weekend I am ready to start on my new "list" for the quarter!

I had Gypsy Kisses on the list and
 that one seems to be calling my name!
I had little bundle of Lori Holt fabric that I got as
a sweet birthday gift last October. I
have been holding on to it... and I think it 
will work good for this pattern.
Although I was very tempted to use April Showers like Cindy had used.
I learned the freezer paper method of paper piecing with those two practice
units in the photo above!  Cindy used that method to make her 
Gypsy Kisses quilt.
I am thrilled to know this method...
because I am really not a fan of the other option.

A couple years ago when I first got the bug
 to make it I saw one over at Frieda's Hive 
blog that Nanette was making. How cute is that center?!?

Of course this was the first
 inspirational one... right from Material Obsessions.

Here is Evie last Friday at the lake... all ready for the 
festivities of the Fourth of July!
This weekend we will be back over there for the annual BBQ.
I am looking forward to play time... in the sewing room
AND at the lake too!

I hope you have a great weekend!