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Monday, April 30, 2012

Progress in the Rehab!

We are just finishing up our first whole month of Rehab!
I have to tell you that I really do feel good.
Not only abut finishing my block of the month blocks that
have been neglected, but I am feeling good about everyone
who has been in rehab with me!
These blocks are so cute...
I am sure you are thinking,
why didn't I do this sooner!
And even though I do a lot of whining under my breath while I am sewing 
the 67 pieces for just one block...
in the end I am happy.

The winner for the April BOM Rehab giveaway is
At Blessings from Our Nest!

This is a BOM block made by Fiona at the Quilting Fairy blog!
I had to scroll back to look at last months too... it is coming along so

This is a great stack of BOM blocks from Vivian, the Bronx Quilter!
I can't wait to see this one come together!

This is one from Messy Karen! It's one of the blogger's blocks, this one was designed by
Cluck Cluck Sew.

This is Marcella's block for her BOM/May.

This block is from Celine... she is working on It Just Takes 2.
You should go see her design board and her progress at her blog Esprit Patch.


Eye Spy
I saw this block on Sister's Choice blog. Nicole was in the Rehab also!

block 8.jpg

This is next block for Darlene at Quilting Daze blog in the FQS 
Designer Mystery BOM 2011!

Here is another sweet BOM! This one was made by Sherry at
Blessings from our Nest blog.

And not one but two blocks completed this week
for Helen....

Her design wall is getting fuller and she added in another block to the mix!

Great job Helen! For more inspiration go to her blog Endlessly Diverted.

And this one is block four in the DM for FQS
completed by Cheryl at Polka Dots and Ric Rac!

This is one made by Carol at Brown Quilts blog.
You should go see them all together in rows!
And as for me...
yes, I was a good rehabber too!
More than the block... I am sure you can see that I haven't 
put away my Easter decorations yet.
 I just wanted to enjoy them a little bit longer...
since I didn't get them out until the day before Easter! 

This one here is from Pam Buda. It's a 6 week quilt along.
We had the blocks the past four weeks and the sashing was for this week.
Can't wait to see what she has us do this Friday! 

Were you in the BOM Rehab too? Don't forget to add your block to the list!
Right now I haven't gotten a response from Mr. Linky.
I tried to pay for a year subscription for the service but they wanted
to not only have you pay for a year... they want to auto charge my credit card for
years to come, evidently there is not just a "yearly" subscription.
So please send me any blocks you want to add for now. I will figure out Mr. Linky latter.

Friday, April 27, 2012

You Can Find Me Here:


Well the weekend is upon us and I am looking forward to getting some of my projects worked on.
First and foremost l... I will be working on my Rehab/BOM project!
This is the last Monday of the month and that means I will have a little 
giveaway for those faithful girls in the Rehab!
For each week you were there your name will be put in the
hat... literally... I am going to put them in a hat. 
No random computer generated number!
I really hate that thing.

I will be giving away a copy of this gorgeous book...

The photography alone is nice. You don't even need to make any of the 
beautiful projects in it. You can just have it on your nightstand and look at it
before falling asleep and dreaming sweet quilting dreams!
So, if you haven't been in Rehab yet...
this is the time to finish up a block or two!

And you know I can't resist...
This is my little Evie...
her one month old photo.
 We all say awhhh in unison now.

(she melts my heart)

Now, I don't mean to pressure you...

Another Year of Schnibbles

but you might want to make sure you have your Schnibbles of the month
done too! Tuesday will be May 1st! Yes, already!!!
Trust me... you don't want to miss the Parade of Schnibbles!

Oh, and there is one more thing I want to show...
I belong to a new quilting bee...

The Bees Knees - A Quilting Bee

This is my block for April.
It was a free style month.

So obviously I am not good thinking outside of the box!
All my geese are flying in formation!

Have a great weekend blogettes!
Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Spring Giveaway at the Tea Room

Have you seen Mary Jane's Tea Room?
I could move right in.
Susan is having a giveaway for Cath Kidston fabric and ribbon but
that's not all! There is
also another giveaway for yarn and buttons!

Just thought you might like to know.
Because it's just too sweet to miss out of.
Wednesday, April 25, 2012

When they said...

Cut it out!
I took them seriously!

Over the weekend I was able to cut out 
fabric for another small Dresden baby quilt.
I thought I would make another one for a baby boy...
Parker. He is my cousins first grand baby that was born last week.
 I went with the American Jane fabric...
Happy Camper. I thought it would be fun, retro and boyish.
But I am not sure if I want to continue.
I like sweet little baby things and this is looking...
oh, I don't know... just old school boy style.
What do you think? 
I could stop now and still be ahead.
I might wait to decide until 
I  make up the little faces for the centers... I will show you tomorrow.

I did find my Dolly Dresses panels.
(this photo borrowed from the Great American Quilt Shop)
But I didn't play with those yet.

So, what else did I do???

I cut out my new Cake Walk pattern using Me and My Sister fabrics.
I cut out my Sew Cherry Lori Holt pattern too. I am so excited to use this
fabric with that pattern!
I even started my Schnibbles project with Vintage Modern...mmm, yummy!

You could say that I have my work cut out for me this week! hehehe
And I didn't even mention  the Boardwalk pattern cut from California Girl!
Love you Fig Tree!
I literally have projects every where I turn! 
I am loving all of them! 
 That is, with the exception of that dang Dresden Happy Camper quilt.

And... I plan to have them all done...
next week...
okay, I'm kidding!

Monday, April 23, 2012

BOM Rehab... Were You There?

Here is my one little block.
I don't think I would have gotten it done without you guys that are in the Rehab with me!
I feel so good that I am on to block eight now... I will be all caught up before block 12 arrives!
Isn't that amazing???
See who else was in the Rehab.........


Look what we have here! This is from Polka Dots n Rick Rac
Yeah Cheryl!


This BOM was submitted to the REHAB by
Darlene at Quilting Daze!

This Circle of Geese was made by Celine
as her BOM Rehab project this week.

Did you work on a Block of the Month last week?
Join us in the REHAB and show us what you made!

(I will have to add mr. linky latter... techno difficulties here)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mosaic... Thursday?

I have been missing these. 
Right now a place like this would be wonderful to visit.
But tomorrow...
I can start thinking about weekend projects. 
Gardening will probably not be one of them!
Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More to Show & Tell

I did a few more things over the weekend.
I got to sew on more than my BOM Rehab blocks...
I got to finish my 22 inch Dresden blocks. All 13!
Now I just need to decide on what background fabric to put them on.


I am caught up on Pam Buda's block of the week.
These little 6" ers are so sweet!
Especially after the 22in. blocks!

I got out another BOM that is long overdue to be finished.
I have 7 blocks done. 7 down and only 5 more to go.
This is next for Rehab! I think this was the 2010 Designer Mystery from
Fat Quarter Shop. Bless them! I know they don't mean to exploit my weakness.

On Saturday the hubs and I had "our" first little outing since he has been home from
the hospital  Club VA International Resort and Spa!
We drove to one of our sons' home and got to meet his girlfriends' parents.
(OK, I am confused here... where do those apostrophes go)?
They were visiting from Oregon.
It was a very nice day.

I woke up during the night thinking that I talk way way too much!
Has that ever happened to you?
Iye yie yie!
Monday, April 16, 2012

Were You in Rehab This Weekend?

I was!
I got lots of sewing time in at
BOM Rehab!

There were lots of others there too...

These were done by Debbie at Ti's the Season!
She is continuing her holiday obsession and made blocks for two different 

This is from Michele at Island Life Quilts...
She has a BOM from her LQS that had been long forgotten and needs a little fixing
before she can put it together!


Darlene from Quilting Daze made her next block in the FQS Mystery for 2011. 
Last week she got ahead of me... but I caught up to her this week!

This is a sweet block! Sherry at Blessings from Our Nest blog is making the
 Aurifil Designer block of the month project. I believe that this is a current project and
it doesn't look like Sherry is behind at all!

It looks like Cheryl at Polka Dots and Ric Rack is
on her 6th DMQ from FQS also


This is a really cute "tulip" flower block.
It looks like she has been doing some Schnibble sewing 
this week also... not to mention the other projects she has been working on!
Lots of eye candy over there!


Oh gosh... Nichole from Sister's Choice is getting close!
These are her setting blocks for her long lost Simply Sophisticated

I was able to conquer two of my blocks for the DMQ from FQS. 
Thank goodness the bottom one was a much easier block...
the other one there had so many darn little pieces to it!!! I kept talking
to the designer of that block (in my head) saying "really?"
But when it was all finished... I thought it was a really cute poesy block.
I  think it might even be my favorite so far!

Did you work on any Block of the Month projects last week? 
Please feel free to add your link and join us here in BOM Rehab!

Friday, April 13, 2012

What To Do!

I filled up a "punch card" at the LQS when I purchased one of these patterns below...
so I asked them to order the Lori Holt patterns for me....
it was such a nice treat!
I have some new patterns that were free and fabric to go with them as well!
Last week or so ago, FQS had 50 percent off of their RB fabrics...
so I scooped up on some!
It was a bargan but do you know how some places sell everything by the half yard?
Well, my confusion and haste while ordering got me twice as much as I needed.
But seriously, you can't have too much fabric can you?
But I might have too many choices!

I saw this Cake Stand pattern made up recently somewhere
and they substituted a domed cake stand in each of the rows...
there were cupcakes under the dome. I just might have to add that
twist to mine! I think it was just an embroidered dome.
I think that these will be future projects .

Right now I am trying to be good and get these handles sewn on
these blocks so I can finish up this quilt! It has been on the back burner
for way too long.

Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts is having a 6 week
6 block event called Busy Work.
These blocks are really cute!
This is how far I have gotten for block #2.

It is suppose to look like this one...
this is Pam's sample block

She just posted the third block today in case you are interested in some
Busy Work!

What I know I need to work on this weekend... is 

ah yes, a certain little Schnibbles pattern. I am
going to use the Vintage Modern  charms this month!
This is really sweet fabric... so I hope that it turns out cute.

Oh, I also want to thank you all for your comments on my last post.
#1 for thinking that Evie is as cute as I think she is!
and #2 for offering so much support and ideas for my obsession in finding
the fabric panels for Dolly Dresses.
I got a couple of good leads and was able to get what I needed.
Did I say needed? hahahaha!
Anyway, mission accomplished!
I got very lucky at Shabby Fabrics. They had a lot of Lakehouse fabrics, although they didn't
show any of the fabric panels on line. But with a quick phone call... and a little question, it
turned out that they had a couple of bolts of the panel but it just wasn't on line.
Have you been over to their site?
They have a free BOM available.
In case you needed something for BOM Rehab!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Am On A Mission

But I need help!
I am sure you have all seen this fabric before.
This is actually a photo of a quilt  have been searching high and low... all over the internet and calling
quilt shops that I think might have it. But no luck.
But it is what i am looking for.
I know, I know... of course I thought it was cute when it came out.
But I didn't have a little grand child then!

(photo by the Great American Quilt Co.)

But now I do... and I would love to make up a little quilt
with Dolly Dresses by Holly Holderman of Lakehouse.

Ok, I am not asking for you to go into your stash...
I can see where you would want to hold on to this sweet fabric,
but if you know of a store where I can find it let me know.

You can see why I need to make up a little something else 
for this little something don't you?

Her mom and I had a lot of fun taking these pictures for Easter.
Can you believe that Evie slept through the whole thing?