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Friday, February 25, 2011

So, Just What Did I Do?


It's time to show what I have accomplished during January and February

I finally got the wedding quilt "quilted" and bound and gave it to
DS and DIL in January. We had a belated holiday with them.

This was a little belated Christmas present for Jilly Bean.

Picnic was my "Word" (or theme) for this year for the CGQC.
Here was my weekend quilt: PICNIC, the cover quilt for
Scrap-Basket Sensations. I really enjoyed making this quilt!
Of course this is the one I had to make. The pattern was called Picnic after all!

Here is a picture of the Fat Quarter Shop quilt sample I made for them, all pretty in it's little vignette.

My goal for the year was to incorporate embroidery into my repertoire
and these tow projects, Henrietta Whiskers  from Bunny Hill and

Birdie Stitches by Little Miss Shaby, her BOM are on my agenda
for this weekend.

Here is my Gone To Market quilt... but even though the top looks finished I have a plan...
I am going to continue working on baskets and turn this small one into the large one...
and I put the piano key border on all 4 sides for the time being... but when I turn it into the large quilt,  I will add what I have on the sides to the top and bottom like it is on the pattern.

Sweet Spot got finished just in the neck of time for Le Petite!

I'll be back to show my embroidery projects, I still have til Monday, right?
Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eventide: Worth The Work

It's Tuesday and time to give the first report on my project Eventide:

I started with this...

Millhouse Inn fabric by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda

plus this:

Eventide Quilt Pattern Miss Rosie's Quilt Company

a little bit of ironing of these...

and a whole lot of cutting with this:
Rotary Cutter, 45Mm - Olfa - Rotary Cutters & Mats Misc Quilt Patterns

I cut, bagged, labeled and organized my pieces but with all the organization...
I still got a little confused but I worked through it
and pretty soon I had this:

The grunt work is over... and the blocks are starting to come together!
I didn't cut the fabric for the diamond inner border yet... I wanted to get the blocks layed out
to see how it looks and then decide if I want red, brown or a little something else that will make it pop!
(I keep misplacing the aqua fabrics *g*)
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Scrap-Basket Sensations Grand Finale Blog Tour Day 10

I hope you have had fun with the blog tour and visiting some new blogs along the way.
Today is the Grand Finale!
I think Kim of Magnolia Bay Quilts was saving the best for last because today is
Carol's blog tour day

If you haven't won one of Kim Brackett's books yet... this will be your last chance to enter the giveaway.
But all is not lost... because you can
get your hands on one of these books at
Amazon for a very nice price.
You can also find it at Martingale Publishing.

Here are some snippets of the beautiful quilts you will find inside:

(photos borrowed from Kim's blog, thank you)

Every one of them are gorgeous!
 I really want to thank Kim for letting me a part of her
blog tour.  I am still excited about it... we have one more to go, so
now I have to run over to see Carol's post!
Hope you are having a great weekend!
Friday, February 18, 2011

Scrap-Basket Sensations Blog Tour Day 9 and A Book Winner

Letting the good times roll!

Isn't this a pretty sight!

And these!

And these are just magical!

I get to announce the winner of the Scrap-Basket Sensations giveaway for my blog today.
and the lucky winner of the autographed book is:
"I think I like Tool Shed the best from today! However, they way I swim at this island, Over and Under would be more appropriate:) "

 Vicki -grab hold of your jelly rolls... your book will be on it's way to you!
Thank you to everyone who entered the book giveaway!

Today the blog tour continues at Sue's...  Quilt Times blog.
You have to go over and see her Island Chain quilt...
by the way, I believe that Island Chain was the most requested quilt
to make on the deserted island:)

This is not blasphemy or illegal, although it feels like it is...
do you ever put  a spiral binding on your books?
This is what happens to the books I own that are going to be worthy of
lots of use. It is so worth the couple extra dollars
to make the book even more functional
for my use.
 I hate trying to mark the page that I'm working on and having the book flip closed on me.
Propping it open, it flipping closed... on and on.
This way I open it to the project I am working on and it stays open... user friendly!

This is Eventide... the next quilt I plan on making.
I saw this completed version on The Secret Life of Mrs. Meatloaf. She had quilted it for her client.

I get 3 days off... and hopefully 2 days of sewing ahead!

(random photo, unknown source- I just loved the pink sewing machine)

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!
Thursday, February 17, 2011

Scrap-Basket Sensations Blog Tour Day 8!

Today is Day 8!
I hope you are continuing in the blog tour... this day you won't want to miss!
Today is Karen's turn to share about Scrap-Basket Sensations and you are going to love the photos that she is sharing of the actual quilts from the book... close up and beautiful. It's kind of a behind the scenes glance at what went on in the making of Kim's book,
So hop on over to Nana Girl Quilts and hear the inside scoop about Kim!
(Karen and Kim are BFF's)

Enter a comment over there to win this fabulous book... and come back over here tomorrow morning to see if you are a book winner from my Day 6 blog tour post.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Scrap Basket Sensations Blog Tour Day 7

There is still more eye candy to see....

here are some of the quilts

that I couldn't fit into yesterday's post.

And there are still more books to win too...
Today is Darlene's day! Hop on over to the wonderful Quilting Daze blog.

You'll be glad you did!

And tomorrow is Karen's turn over at Nana Girl Quilts!
AND if you get a chance AND you have been enjoying the blog tour so far, please go over to Kim's blog at Magnolia Bay Quilts and let her know!
Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blog Tour Day 6! Scrap-Basket Sensations!

 It's my day! Hurrah!
Be prepared, this might be a long post! But it will be fun and filled with photos!

I hope you have been enjoying the blog tour so far! I was so excited when Kim from Magnolia Bay Quilts asked if I would like to be a part of it! However, had Kim asked me about the book title when the book was still under construction I might of suggested Scrap-Basket Sinta-sations! What do you think???
Ok, you're probably right! Scrap-Basket Sensations is better!
Seriously, this is the best book I have ever seen that utilizes 2 1/2" strips. Hands down!
Fun projects, unique- as in out of the ordinary!

And one of the fun things about the projects in Kim's book is that she enlisted the help of some of her favorite bloggers! I thought I would lightly interview them for my post, so here are some of Kim's helper bees and some of the quilts that they made for Kim's new book:

This one is Happy Daze made by Darlene of Quilting Daze!

Question: What was the fun factor in the quilt(s) that you made?

Darlene: The fun factor in making Summer Daze was working with Snippets by American Jane/Moda - all coordinated.
The fun factor in making Tool Shed was that I HAD to work with scraps - way out of my comfort zone.  LOL  I was very proud of myself because the quilt has French General, Jo Morton, Robyn Pandolph, etc prints all mixed together and it seemed to work because the quilt seems to appeal to many.  :-)
(Tool Shed)
This question is a spin off from a game I use to play with my kids when they were young:

Question: If you were alone on a desert island and could only make 1 quilt out of Scrap-Basket Sensations which one would it be... and what colors would you chose?

Darlene: The quilt on the cover really appeals to me but I'm not sure what colors I would use (super scrappy because I'm feeling brave (LOL); or Central Park by Kate Spain.

Mary from Quilt Hollow made up a few of the projects in Kim's book. The quilt above is Lake Cabin.

 This quilt is Blessings from the Hollow! Both are stunning quilts.

Here is what Mary replied to my questions:

Question: What was the fun factor in the quilt(s) that you made?

Mary: Fun Factor when I made Lake Cabin was seeing the sashing stars "magically" appear as the quilt rows were being sewn together.  Blessings from the Hollow's awesome border stole my heart!  It isn't the normal slap on plain fabric and call it good border.  I know how hard Kim worked at getting that border just right and if I recall correctly she considered ditching this one.  I'm so glad she didn't and I can honestly say Blessings from the Hollow is my favorite.

Question: If you were alone on a desert island and could only make 1 quilt out of Scrap-Basket Sensations which one would it be... and what colors would you chose?

Mary: Desert Island - sorry....the last thing I would do on a desert island is quilt unless of course it is freezing!  LOL

Flowers for Nana Girl is one of my favorite's in the book. This was made by Karen aka Nana Girl.

Flower Box was pieced by Karen also.

Question: What was the fun factor in the quilt(s) that you made?

Karen: The fun factor for me was making a quilt that Kim had designed and then seeing it take shape for the very first time. As each quilt went from idea to paper to fabric, our excitement increased.

Question: If you were alone on a desert island and could only make 1 quilt out of Scrap-Basket Sensations which one would it be... and what colors would you chose?

Karen: I think I would make Flower Baskets again out of the same color
palette. The soft brown with the pastels is so soothing. I fell in love with this pattern the very first time I saw it. It looks so complicated it's hard to believe it is only one block! I also think this quilt would look good as a two color quilt - in which case I would use my favorite combination - barn red and tan.

This is Kim's two color quilt that you will find in the book:
This is Sparkler! A beautiful 2 color quilt but could be done in patriotic or multi-colored also!

Question: What was the fun factor in the quilt(s) that you made?

Kim: Every quilt I personally made was a pleasure, but It was really fun for me to have so many talented quilters contributing to the book.  We chatted, e-mailed, telephoned, and talked about the quilts we were working on, and because of their involvement, I was more energized and excited.  

Question: If you were alone on a desert island and could only make 1 quilt out of Scrap-Basket Sensations which one would it be... and what colors would you chose?

Kim: I can't stop giggling over the thought of being stranded on a desert island with a sewing machine and iron, but no electricity!  Since I'm on a desert island and have plenty of time on my hands,  I'll probably make Blessings from the Hollow with the pieced border.  And probably use the same fabrics.  Is there a quilt shop on the island?  How did I get here anyway?  

Here are some of the other quilts in the book designed and made by Kim:

Town Square is next on my project list!

This one is called Nova; those starts are beautiful.

Island Chain is just a stunning quilt!
There are 18 unique projects in all.

So here is the book! You can order it at Amazon (which happens to have an excellent sale price on the book right now) or your LQS can order it from Martingale Publishing for you too...
but if you would like to try and win a signed copy of Scrap-Basket Sensations just leave me a comment here and I will pick a winner on Friday morning!
So which quilt would you make if you were stranded alone on a desert island?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Blog Tour Day 5: Scrap-Basket Sensations and Then Some

Happy Valentine's Day!
Doesn't it just seems wrong for it to land on a Monday!
Maybe you already celebrated over the weekend? Anyway, I hope you are having a sweet day!
(photo: from Kate Foreman Designs)

Today is Day 5 of the blog tour of Kim Brackett's book:
Scrap-Basket Sensations! Today your journey is
over to Millie's blog: Millie's Quilting!
I had never met her in blogland before...
But it was fun to hop over and check out her fun blog! I think you will like it...
and you know there is another book being given away... so go leave Millie a comment!
I just want to say that I worked on my Picnic quilt over the weekend... and I can't wait to show it to you tomorrow. You can see a great version of Picnic over at Millie's blog... it's obviously a popular pattern!
She is making hers out of a Batik-mix of fabrics, really fun bright colors!
You already saw Sherri's version of Picnic on day 1 of the blog tour. She is using Central Park fabric! 

I have a little surprise to show you...
this was a secret project for Fat Quarter Shop:

When I finished it- I quickly put it in a box and sent it in the mail to FQS...
without taking a picture of it! *g*
But I saw it today on their website, so I thought it would be ok to show you their picture of the quilt!
It was made from a Schnibbles pattern: Oso.
 I used a Holly Taylor line of fabric that will be coming out in June. 
Fat Quarter Shop will be having kits available for this that you can pre-order!

Now, if only I would have been smart enough to have made this one
of the Le Petite projects coming up! Hmmm.  

Tomorrow is my day for the blog tour! So please come back to visit and enter the book giveaway!
Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scrap-Basket Sensations Blog Tour Day 4

This is Kim Brackett's new book:

Today is day 4 of the blog tour... that means it's Nicole's day!
Nicole of Sisters Choice Quilts is the featured blog today...
so if you haven't already been over there
(because I know that she is probably one of the first blogs you read every day)
scoot on over now...
I'm looking forward to reading what Nicole has to say about Scrap-Basket Sensations...
and she no doubt is working on something from it too...
so I'm on my way over there now myself...

don't forget that Nicole will be giving away an autographed copy too!

I have another little something to show you of what I have been working on:
and now this is what it looks like: