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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Morsel or Two

There have been some great giveaways out there in blogland lately.

This one caught my eye this morning... so I thought I would play along.

This is 1 of the 5 giveaways that Jackie at Canton Village Quiltworks is giving away.
She brought them back from Market just to share the fun!
This fabric group is too cute... so you might as well give it a try over there. Jackie has a really fun blog... so it's worth just going over there to look around!

You also might enjoy, La Vie En Rosie... Carrie's blog this morning.
I'm telling you, this girl never sleeps! Maybe Miss Rosie sleeps enough for the both of them.

This is one of the new Schnibble patterns that she has up on her blog.

You might have to go look and see the other one's she has just created!

You are going to love them!

Note to self: go get some of that Simple Abundance fabric! Now!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Schnibbles on My Mind

I had a great relaxing, low-key weekend!

After the last couple of weeks it was a welcome change.

Of course my sewing room did see some action yesterday...

I have been working on my Schnibbles project...

I am rushing to have it done this week because it is the November

pattern pick for A Year of Schnibbles!

I'm not going to elaborate on what a cute pattern this is...

because I know you love all the Schnibbles anyway!

Still, it needs to get finished... before the first when the

Cindy Lou Who Schnibbles Parade begins!

Here is what is going to be a shop sample. I am feeling a bit behind and I feel so bad that this one here is not completed yet either!

I better get a move on because as you can see, this is a time sensitive project!!!

I'm doing it in the Benartex Christmas line from Nancy H.

Now I need to share a little something with you...

I keep running across these dolls on various blogs

and I keep thinking

I am going to order the pattern from the person who sells them.

I think they are so cute and the pattern is for 3 girls and there is another pattern for 2 boys.

I always talk myself out of purchasing the pattern... I'm really not much of a "doll" person

but I really like these stuffed dolls

and of course I can't remember now where it was I saw them,

so I am showing this picture of my most recent sighting in hopes that someone can tell me the doll designers link.

Any helpful hints out there or should I get AMW in on the case?

I also have been swept up in the moment and joined Nicole at Sister's Choice Quilts and Allyson of Fat Cat Quilts in a Red and White Snowball Challenge.

I'll be checking back in with you to see how your Schnibble progress is and to maybe give you a sneak peak of mine!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Camp Part III: Dishtowel Diaries & Schnibs Info

On Saturday evening we have a "group session" and this year it was titled Dishtowel Diaries". (last year we had the Pincushion Diaries). It's a fun time to share our little treasures... that not just anyone would appreciate! The stories that unfold are so fun, endearing and surprising!
I also had my apron collection at the retreat to exhibit. I found these old wooden clothes drying racks, via a friend, and I was able to show them off pretty well.

Linda G. had several to share and this one hear just spoke to my heart.

It was so sweet and I loved the vintage green... just look at the back! The ties slip through the center before you tie it. I haven't seen one like that before!

These dishtowels have tatting on them. They are new but embellished with a very old art.

and these dishtowels were so adorable... I can't tell the whole story but
they aided in the capture of spies in WWII. Seriously! F.B.I. and the whole shebang!
If you really want to hear it... I can tell you about it latter.

I get to know a person so much better by having a little story to connect them with.
The sharing these women did really made my weekend special!

Now for other matters...
I have Schnibbles on the brain right now! I did not get to work on my Schnibbles pattern over the weekend at all... I don't know why I even thought I could!
So, now I am really behind the eight ball... trying to find time to work on our
November Big Reveal!
I know you are anxious to see it... right?
Are you finishing up the October project?
Whenever you do finish your October Schnibble please put a post on your blog and email me a link to it. That way it will be easy for me to organize the Parade of Schnibbles!
Sherri and I are looking forward to the next go-round... so let's see what you've got!
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quilt Camp Part II

I just have a quick post here.
Here are a few more photos from the retreat.
We had some wonderful "show & tell" going on throughout the weekend and I didn't want you to miss it!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

No Worse for the Wear

This is about my weekend at Bass Lake
at Pine Needles Quilt Camp. ..
but I have to confess the title of this post is a lie!
I am a little worse for the wear!
But I had a good time and I think everyone there had a good time also.

It started out being a quiet morning as you can see...

It didn't take long after breakfast for
the day to really begin. You wouldn't believe all the action that was going on!
But we took a break for a photo shoot of sorts. Unfortunately this year I wasn't able to get the "entire group" in one photo. Darn it!
A few simple snapshots of some of our little groups...

These girls... well, you see, are having a bit of a time trying to get it together.

Let's check back in on them latter.

You wouldn't believe the talent that this group has!

Let's see how those girls are doing now...

Okay, maybe we'll check back in on them and see if they can

stop laughing long enough for a picture.

These girls are just adorable!

These girls are my new friends!

And here are some old friends...

All right. I think "they" finally got it together for the group shot!

Ahhh, finally!
(I know I shouldn't look like I was having so much fun... but I was!)

I wish I could tell you the stories about this group... if I could
I would...
We do have some proof of some quilting actually going on!

I have more pictures to share tomorrow!
Thanks for stopping in!

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beware: A Weekend of Quilting Ahead

No... the retreat hasn't started yet, well not officially anyway.
I am finalizing the details but thought I would share a few pictures from last year's retreat.

We slipped out and went to one of the cabins for birthday cake...
Can you see how nice everyone is?
These quilts were made to be given for Quilts of Valor.
We have 37 (or 38- I can't remember) this year.
I hope to return on Monday with great group shots and lots of project photos!
Have a wonderful weekend!
I will be working on my Schnibbles... how about you?
Oh, one more thing...
I just thought I would quickly add that my (soon to be) daughter-in-law, Jill, just started up a blog of her own! It's called J Rae Designs. She is a really sweet girl. She is a high school art teacher and loves to design her own quilts. It would be nice if you would stop by and welcome her to the neighborhood.
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October Skies

I had a piece of registered mail at the Post Office since the first of the month.
It is so inconvenient to go there but after my last "reminder" yesterday... I decided to go ahead and stop at the Post Office on my way to work today. They opened their window for me even though it was before time to open. I had a package from Malaysia? What could that be?
It was my wonderful Friendship Bag! It was waiting there for me for two weeks!
My swap partner is Aida! Thank you so much! I love it!
I can't believe that she that she hand quilted this little bag! Goodness! And do you see all the extra goodies that she added to my bag? So sweet and thoughtful! The little details are incredible! I wish I could have gotten a better picture
of the embroidery work on the heart. I am in awe!

I love if I haven't told you that enough!
I was having lunch with my friend Patty today and I couldn't help taking
a few photos of the wonderful clouds in the sky.

I just love the day after a storm and thought I would share that with you!
I am busy finishing up the details for my retreat on Friday.
Lots of last minute loose ends and still name tags to make
and door prizes to package up! The list goes on...
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