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Friday, September 28, 2018

What's In Your Scrap-Basket?

If you have a scrap basket...

then I am sure you have one or two of Kim Brackett's books!

Magnolia Bay Quilts is Kim's blog and I invite you to go over 
to see what her newest and best book yet is all about!

I have a few of my favorites from Scrap-Basket Bounty
starting with the cover quilt!

This one really sends me over the moon!
Now, I have to say that Kim's instructions 
for the blocks in this book
are all about taking one block and rotating it and
getting different designs when you do that!
So, the 16 quilts you see in the book offer 2 additional
arrangements and 3 different
settings... and a bounty of options!

It's called Honeysuckle!
I think the movement and the colors are wonderful. 
(all photos are by the wonderful Brent Kane)

Here is another favorite... Dazel! 

Martingale - Scrap-Basket Bounty (Print version + eBook bundle)

and this one is such a fun rail fence style block with a plus!!!

and this is Falling Stars... I am making a wish right now!
I think this is my most favorite "favorite"!
Her book is published by Martingale Publishing and you 
can also find it at Amazon.

I really think Kim is  the go-to person for
Scrap intervention!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Revisiting Autumn

One of the answers I have 
for a "security question" 
is FALL.
The question is...
"what is your favorite color"?

Don't you agree?

Last year I teamed up with Thelma...
to make a "Fallville" version of Summerville...
which we had both made before.
I think Thelma even made a Holiday version of the pattern too.

We had a lot of fun with the planning of the quilts...
but now 
there is an actual
 pattern for making them 
you don't have to over
 think the whole thing!

I used my scraps left over from the quilt 
below to make this one!

Image of Winterville - PDF pattern

This is the Winterville version...
it's really cute. I love those trees and snowflakes!

Another quilt I made a year or so ago...
 and is still in the queue
is another 
Thimble Blossoms pattern 
Camille's Fresh Vintage book...
which I think everyone should have on their bookshelf!

This year I have worked
 on a couple of neglected 
fall projects from last year...

Figgy pumpkins and the one below is
from Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage book and
the crow was an add on pattern.

I just got Lucy back from 
my Long Arm Quilter...

and I am preparing the
 binding for it now...
here is a little peek of it.

I hope to get the binding on over the weekend...
and then I will show a full picture of the quilt!

I am so ready for fall... it remains in the 90's 
here in my area. 

I think I can slip in maybe one more small seasonal 
project  before I start thinking about ...
dare I say it?