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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Fun Tool & A Shop Tour

Well, while I was on the subject of fun rulers to use I remembered another one called X Block. It was developed by Patricia Pepe. She has lots of patterns now for using it. This pattern below is hers and it's actually a two for one quilt. You can make the second quilt from the leftovers of the first quilt. You need to add extra for borders to.

So here is where we start the tour of Cottage Quilts, this is my version of the pattern above. I used the Gypsy Girl line from Fig Tree and a few others thrown in. I have made up a few quilts using the X Block. I will have to remember to dig those out at home and take some pictures of them. This is going to be a class in the near future. The Sweet Dreams quilt in the last post is another quilt I have hanging in the store, in their classroom area.

Here is some other views of the store. Carolyn McCray is the owner along with her husband, they are super nice people. I just love the feel of the store. It's so light and bright in there... and cottage-ie too! Lots of eye candy. A girl can get into trouble in there.

Ahhh, well that's all I've got for today for the fun stuff. I have been trying to get my sleeves and labels on my quilts and de-hair them. Whoever said that Labradoodles don't shed didn't explain that they actually do lose hair. Tomatoes/tomatoes. So all of that got done this morning and now the quilts are now turned in for the quilt show. I have made up the raffle baskets and will be putting the finishing touches on them tonight. I ended up making 13 baskets filled with quilting goodies and I have another 4 top dollar items that will stand alone to be raffled. I will have photos tomorrow.

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Sherri said...

Sounds like you have been busy! I love this shop tour...looks like a wonderful shop! You're not going to believe this...but I have an X-block quilt too...I haven't ever posted it, but when I do is it okay if I put a link in back to this post? I just have one X-block pattern...but love the ones you've shown here too!