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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My First Quilt, but first...

Yesterday I was blog surfing and went on over to see Camille at Simplify and read that Carrie of LaVie En Rosie and Camille wanted to invite quilters to put aside their pride and show their first and their last quits made. A "Quilts on Parade" show and tell. They are going to post about it and show the links to all the participants next week. Have you already seen some of the quilts posted today?
I think this is the first quilt that I still am in possession of. I made it for my husband. I actually started quilting around the time we got married. That was 13 years ago. I was going for the "masculine look". You can see in the closeup shot that I wasn't very concerned about points matching. Looking back though, I think it was rather ambitious to put
prairie points on a beginner quilt.
My lesson learned was that it is worth the challenge of matching up the points and getting that 1/4 inch seam allowance perfect. I know that Carrie wrote on her blog about that last week. I agree that we should work towards perfection...
I obviously gave myself lots of room for improvement.
Now before I go any further: Lookie what came in the mail yesterday! Do you know what that means? It means that the pattern is now available for my little

" piecing elf" job that I did for Joanna at Fig Tree. Yep, the new Fresh Vintage if fresh off the press! In this issue, you have one quilt but 5 different design styles to make it up in. The one I worked on is called Day At The Fair.
You will have to check it out... if you love pinwheels... with a little twist!

Now, for my most recent quilt (s): I was binding both of these quilts at the same time. This one below is called Baker's Sugar Squares from Fig Tree & Co.
This is the other quilt just finished... it was out of a In the Beginning book and was actually started years ago (they actually published a newer book with this pattern in it... I think it's called Favorite's from In the Beginning). The fabrics were some of the first ones I bought for my "stash". This poor thing got put away in a box when we moved once upon a time. I hate putting things away like that (organized) because I just forget about them... out of sight out of mind!
Anyway, it resurfaced and with a little more work... here is the finished product. Unfortunately I can't put it on my list of things to finish for the Charming Girl's Quilt Club. Darn! Oh well, I think I can make a pretty long list without it.

Kelly over at Cotton Charm Quilts is hosting a club to help challenge us to finish our UFO's/WIP's. Go to her blog for details. But the idea is to post a project by the 7th of the month that needs to get finished and show a photo of the finished quilt by the end of the month.
Here is the first quilt that I will be working on for the Charming Girl's Quilt Club. It's an X Block quilt that needs a few more rows added and borders. I think I put the wrong pattern with this though... I will have to find the right one:)
So, officially I'm in. I'm committed. I'm in to win! (or at least get my closet cleaned out).

11 friends stopped by to chat:

Carrie said...

Let me start by saying that everything is beautiful. First and most recent ~ I love them all.

That said... for your first quilt, you're very, very brave ~ or crazy! You picked a quilt with lots of points to match, and lots and lots of little pieces. And prairie points? Do you have enough oxygen up there in the mountains? :)

Thank you for playing along.

Sherri said... did pick a difficult quilt to begin with! And I love your Fig Tree quilts...I need to order the new issue of Fresh Vintage!

Chookyblue...... said...

my favourite here is the Fig tree quilt.........all lovely though

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Wow, so many pretty quilts! Your first quilt is amazing, and I love the Fig Tree Quilt! So glad you're joining us in the fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing your finished project!

Carol R. said...

Your quilts are beautiful! I love the fabrics you are working on for the quilt club. Can't wait to see the finished top.

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

i love your first quilt! so many squares and triangles for a first quilt but it looks great!

CJ said...

So many pretty quilts! Exciting that yours is featured in Fresh Vintage too.

Camille said...

Everything is wonderful! Especially like that Fig Tree quilt. Joanna is lucky to have you for an 'elf'. You are so talented!

Nicole said...

You sure were ambitious with your choice of pattern for your first quilt! I think it turned out terrific.
Can't wait to get my hands on the new Fresh Vintage. I can't decide which design I like the best!

Janet said...

Isn't wonderful that the parade opened so many doors. Your first was oh so successful and I enjoyed browsing through your more recent work.

Gigi's Thimble said...

Beautiful quilts! Yes, that was a very ambitious first quilt, but I think it's awesome! I love that fig tree quilt as well. Wonderful colors. I love her patterns!