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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nothing- but A Lot To Do

Although I think the hubs wouldn't agree... I don't think that I have that much to do right now. Of course I mean... quilting things.
But I am busy getting things organized for the Fig Tree Club that I will be hosting for the Cottage Quilts quilt shop in Fresno. I got a call today that the Mill House Inn fabric line is starting to arrive! This is a picture of the first project we will be doing. It's really a sweet quilt and I'm excited to get started on it for a store sample! I don't have any sewing elf projects to do for Fall Market, so doing the FT Club will make me happy!

I have a 3 part class starting on the 22nd of August, also at Cottage Quilts, (and they are having a big sale on-line right now) of this wonderful holiday quilt. It's called Christmas Heart Light and the pattern was done by Suzie Robbins a few years ago. It has some jewels I added to it... which is not normally "me" but it makes the quilt more festive I think. I have taught the class a couple of times before and I always suggest to be creative with the pattern. Can you just see stars or cookie cutter shapes instead of the hearts?
I am also gearing up the plans for my retreat at Bass Lake. It won't be until October but I have to get the weekend itinerary and the pattern/supply lists ready to mail out to the attendees. I also have to finish my samples for the quilt & prep the other project I will be instructing. Plus plan the meals and coordinate it with the banquet department of the resort.
But that's not all!...
I have a little surprise in the works and will be sharing that with you soon;o)

2 friends stopped by to chat:

Angela said...

Your Christmas Heart Light quilt is stunning! I love it!

Sherri said...

I love the Fig Tree club quilt...can't wait to make it! Now I'm off to check out the on-line sale...although maybe I shouldn't!