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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Camp Part III: Dishtowel Diaries & Schnibs Info

On Saturday evening we have a "group session" and this year it was titled Dishtowel Diaries". (last year we had the Pincushion Diaries). It's a fun time to share our little treasures... that not just anyone would appreciate! The stories that unfold are so fun, endearing and surprising!
I also had my apron collection at the retreat to exhibit. I found these old wooden clothes drying racks, via a friend, and I was able to show them off pretty well.

Linda G. had several to share and this one hear just spoke to my heart.

It was so sweet and I loved the vintage green... just look at the back! The ties slip through the center before you tie it. I haven't seen one like that before!

These dishtowels have tatting on them. They are new but embellished with a very old art.

and these dishtowels were so adorable... I can't tell the whole story but
they aided in the capture of spies in WWII. Seriously! F.B.I. and the whole shebang!
If you really want to hear it... I can tell you about it latter.

I get to know a person so much better by having a little story to connect them with.
The sharing these women did really made my weekend special!

Now for other matters...
I have Schnibbles on the brain right now! I did not get to work on my Schnibbles pattern over the weekend at all... I don't know why I even thought I could!
So, now I am really behind the eight ball... trying to find time to work on our
November Big Reveal!
I know you are anxious to see it... right?
Are you finishing up the October project?
Whenever you do finish your October Schnibble please put a post on your blog and email me a link to it. That way it will be easy for me to organize the Parade of Schnibbles!
Sherri and I are looking forward to the next go-round... so let's see what you've got!
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11 friends stopped by to chat:

Jewel said...

I have had my October Schnibble done for a couple days I am too lazy to take a pic right now though... Ilove the dishtowels. I just embellished one for a friend for her birthday. Her house is decorated with Cowboy Boots so the towel has a cowboy boot on it...

Sherri said...

Love the dishtowel diaries! Can't believe I finished the November Schnibbles...usually I'm rushing right at the end! Have a great day!

Lanette said...

What a great and fun time and way to get together with your friends - I love the idea of the dishtowel diaries. The aprons are WONDERFUL and vintage is just my favorite!!!



I love the vintage and old aprons and have a big collection myself!!! I am also hand quilting "Oct" Schnibbles--hope to have it finished by the first of the week---Hugs, Di

Mrs. Gamble said...

I totally love that idea. I think it would be perfect for hanging the name cards on along with some of your aprons. Would that be super cute if people would put them on and take picture!!! OMG I am soooo excited!!!! I also wanted to saw that we really need to plan a sewing day dedicated only to sewing with no other distractions. We haven't and one of those in a really long time. Miss you.

Unknown said...

I totally want to hear the story about WWII!
I'm still waiting for my schnibbles pattern/fab to arrive, the joys of cross border shopping lol.
Can't wait to see Nov.'s

Loves to Quilt said...

Morning, my October Schnibbles is sewn, quilted, and posted. By the way, thanks for being a hostess!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Love the aprons and dishtowels. Can't wait for the Ocotober parade!

an encourager said...

Last month you graciously put my quilt into the parade, though I was four days late (thanks, again!, so this month I wanted to be on time. Hoooray that I actually met that goal. Thank you for doing this; I know it's a lot of work!

Quilt or Dye said...

My October Schnibble is coming right along! I should have it done in time for the parade. I have made a couple of adjustments in the pattern and I really love how it is turning out, which is always nice!

I'll send a link when I post the pictures.

Jean said...

Of course we want to hear that story! At least I do! Can't say as I've heard that a dish towel helped in WW II before! That ought to be "some" story!