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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Tiskit, A Tuffet & Lots of Picnic Baskets!

Today is the day that we have been waiting for... no, not because of the President's speech, & not because it's a full moon
It's time again for the Schnibble Parade of Quilts!!!
But even as exciting as all of the above is...
today is also the day we reveal the next Schnibbles project!
I think you are going to like it!
Sherri at A Quilting Life and I wanted to give you a present for yourself
so we are taking it easy on you this month
by choosing Tuffets as the
Schnibbles project for December!
Here are my Tuffets!
(you know that one is just not enough)!
Here is your other option...
more Tuffets...

(picture above and below are from Carrie Nelson)
Soon, very soon, to be released is the
Sweet Liberty Tuffets
so, you can make these sweet pincushions or
go with the pattern that is avaiable right now...

or do what I am planning on and do them all!
This tuffet below is one of Carrie's Tuffets...

with really adorable pins!

Here is a "stack o' tuffets I did using my project leftovers...
including the selvege edge!
So there you are... your next mission is
Tuffets or Tuffets!

So without further adu, let's get this parade started!
The Schnibbles Parade of quilts...

November's choice was Picnic:
I love the baskets but I am sure everyone will agree that it was "no picnic" at times!
More than a few of us had to do some reverse sewing... if you know what I mean!
But the results are gorgeous...

We are starting off with Ariane's Picnic quilt... just adorable!
Jump on over to her blog to see more photos!

Here we have a guest Schnibbler: Julie from Jaybird Quilts

Jewel, Jewels Arm Candy. Jewel did a sweet
version of Picnic with a nice floral border.

Next we have from Charming Chatter: Kelly's quilt, she used a beautiful group of fabrics that are just being released. Go to her blog for more details on that!

Here is a beautiful spin off of Picnic by Judith from the
wonderful blog: Quilt or Dye.
The amazing Carol L. from Carols Crafty Creations
made her version with a wonderful polka dot border!

Julie S. her blog is: Red Key Quilting did a clean, crisp version of Picnic... and
do you see how the star in the center just pops out?

is another one who added a nice floral border. I love this fabric group!

Joceln of Happy Cottage Quilter made this happy looking
Picnic quilt.
Jo from Jo's Country Junction made up her Picnic is a nice
fall looking group and had her own twist to the basket setting!

New to our group of Schnibblers is Cindy, Sew Cindy blog
made her version of Picnic and also added a twist to the setting and
used a darker background! It looks great that way!
This Picnic quilt is stunning in the black and yellow! It's done by

An Encourager, just awesome!

Diane from the Quilting is Blissful blog made this Picnic... I love the colors!

Karen K (no blog) made her version, it's just beautiful!
I just love the way the star pops out!

Cindy from the Hyacinth Quilt Designs blog gave us this version in nice fall colors! I like the lighter sashing on it.

Heather of Quilt or Stitch made a fun version of Picnic here! Love it!
and Cara at Cara Quilts did a beautiful job on her Picnic quilt!

Bea from France, used a beautiful and bright group of fabrics but see how she just used the yellow, orange and red in the piano key border?

and this is from Angela.. the Modern Diary, another bright and fun
Picnic quilt! It's really sweet!

Allyson from the Fat Cat Quilts blog
made her Picnic in bright colors also. Very cute!

and this one is from Kari at Fresh Cut Quilts... hot off the press, so to speak!
I like her twist to Picnic
by omitting the corner basket blocks!
and here is Picnic by Annette over at Sun shine Yellow blog! I like all the green in the baskets and the center sashing!

Now, if you haven't been there already... hop, skip or run on over to A Quilting Life and see the rest of the Schnibbles Parade! There is lots more to see and each one of them are gorgeous!

21 friends stopped by to chat:

Julie said...

I just love those little strawberry pins! And all the quilts are just lovely!

Merry Christmas!

Des said...

Wow, great batch of pictures! Who knew you could do so many things with that pattern??!! Cool!

Needled Mom said...

I love seeing all the color schemes on the Picnics. The Tuffets are going to be addictive, I'm sure.

Béa said...

Another beautiful parade with this fun pattern.

an encourager said...

Hi! I sent my Picnic to you yesterday, but am not seeing it... Here it is again (I was on time). lol

Judith said...

They look beautifull. This one was the only one I didn't have yet as for me they don't belong to the schnibbles (strange thinking I know), I just ordered my copy, hope the mail won't become to slow.
All the quilts look beautifull.

Unknown said...

I love the parade! You gals are great for doing this for us all.
Everyone commenting on my giveaway is saying how they'd love/need a new pincushion so good pick.

Nicole said...

I am ashamed to say I have dropped the ball on my Schnibbles commitment. I vow to get back on the band wagon in January! What fabulous little quilts everyone has made!

Jo said...

Wow...the parade looks awesome. Thanks for hard work of putting it together. Do you know when the new tuffet pattern will be out? I LOVE the star one!

Jocelyn said...

Oh my goodness they all turned out so awesome! I love the baskets, and it's so fun to see how everyone makes theirs up differently.

Sherri said...

Such cute Tuffets...I'm going to have to make some selvedge ones too!

Simone de Klerk said...

Such wonderful versions of the Picnic Schnibbles! So much fun to look at (O:

Marianne said...

Nicely done Parade!

Vesuviusmama said...

Thanks for sharing. I LOVE baskets, and these were all so happy and fun looking.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

What a great parade! I have the tuffets pattern. Maybe I'll make one for myself this month. I could use a new pin cushion.

Cindy said...

What a great parade, Sinta. How often does one see a parade of Picnics in December? LOL

I LOVE this month's Schnibbles assignment. I already have the pattern - from a long time ago and never did make it so now I have incentive to make one, two OR three!! I'm excited about them!!

Michelle said...

Wow, those are all amazing!

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

they look great.. i love seeing the same pattern in so many colors!

Heather said...

I had so much fun making Tuffets today! I posted on my blog about them. Thank you, now I have gifts for some friends :D

Cindy said...

I got my Tuffet made for December. Thanks for being easy on us. I made this in no time and will definitely make more! Mine is posted here:

Megan said...

Whew, just in the nick of time - I posted my Tuffets finish - It was so much fun! Thanks for hosting!