Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mon Ami... Hello My Friend!

Did you know that Mon Ami translates from French to: Hello my friend!
How nice is that?
Look what I saw when I woke up this morning!
I just had to scoop up this picture of the new project for this month which is
Sweet Spot!
Sweet Spot is a Schnibble pattern made by Carrie Nelson... and is the Le Petite project for
February. This was on Quilt Taffy's blog and made by Messy Karen.
I just love it!
and better yet, they have kits!
(I hope you don't mind that I borrowed your picture Corrie- I really really love it!)

Here's what you need to get started:

18 medium/dark charm squares for stars (should be 9 pairs of matching squares)
16 medium/dark charm squares for flying geese border
14 medium & dark charm squares for outer border
4 medium or dark charm squares for cornerstones
25 light charm squares for star corners/outer border

Here is my nearly finished version:

I'll have these borders on by tomorrow- promise!
I was using the leftover Quilt Soup fabrics that I had been savoring.
(shhhh... a little confession: I am trying to finish this up while I'm at work... and
I am still trying to put my make-up on).

Since I have now established that I am getting a pretty late start this
 morning and need to grab a cup of tea...
please join me and go get some coffee
and enjoy the parade with me, ok?
But don't forget to go see the other half of the parade at A Quilting Life with Sherri!

edited on 2/3
I am so sorry that Edith's quilt was not entered into the parade on Tuesday. I didn't want you to miss it so here it is:
thank you Edith at Little Red Hen blog.

... let's start the parade of Mon Ami!

This sweet little quilt of Mon Ami was created by Laura H.

Here is Mon Ami by Linda at the Quilted Pineapple... it looks so rich!

This little guy was made by Tonya at Discombobulated Ripples
- I love the Pure group with this pattern!

This beautiful little Mon Ami (with a little twist to the border) was made by Sandy F. (no blog)
I wish I would have thought of that border!

Here is a fun Mon Ami... looks like saltwater taffy to me! Yum!
Quanita created her version my using Plume fabrics by Moda.

Here we have a special entry of Mon Ami that made by Leanne in Australia (no blog).

Here we have a sweet little Mon Ami using French General fabrics. It was created by Mai

Blue and Yellow... always a great combo! The was made by Leah at Quilted Delights!

Here is a cute mini version of Mon Ami made by Satu in Finland.

This was such a great idea... and a nice jump start on summer quilting! These were
created by Sandie at Crazy 'Bout Quilts!

The is Mary's Mon Ami, beautiful and
beautifully quilted too! Mary is at Quilt Hollow blog.
Paulette got busy/fast and whipped up her little Mon Ami
in no time at all! I love the fabrics she chose!!!

Simone created a beautiful version using a controlled palette.
Nice contrast!

Mary on Lake Pulaski at blog of same name created this precious version of Mon Ami.
Isn't it just beautiful?

Here is a beautiful version made by Monica at Englating blog.

This tropical looking version of Mon Ami was made by Michele at Island Life Quilts.

 This wonderful version of Mon Ami below was made by Nathalie from Wasteland Wallowing.

This wonderful version was made by Suzie at Little Busy Bee blog.
Nice little vignette too... I spot that toy sewing machine!!!

I really had a great time seeing what everybody did with this pattern!
I hope you enjoy next month's project for Le Petite- Sweet Spot- just as much.
Thank all of you for participating in the parade!!!
Now, I'm off to go see the other half at Sherri's blog!

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Michele said...

They all look beautiful! Thanks so much for putting it all together :) I'm looking forward to making Sweet Spot! Lucky me, I already had the pattern and I'm ready to go! Thanks again, Sinta!

Carol said...

What an amazing parade!

Cyndy said...

love them all... my birthdays in April!!!!

Q said...

Love all the versions they rock and so excited and proud to be in this one - PS my blog is www.qspace.id.au/blog (I'm Quanita) and also from Australia like Lynn the Mon Ami below mine in your post :)

Q said...

oops I mean Leanne from Australia not Lynne - sorry Leanne ;)

Betty Lou said...

A beautiful parade and all so different, many creative people out there. Hope you are safe, warm, and dry in this storm.

Betty Lou said...

A beautiful parade and all so different, many creative people out there. Hope you are safe, warm, and dry in this storm.

Betty Lou said...

A beautiful parade and all so different, many creative people out there. Hope you are safe, warm, and dry in this storm.

Betty Lou said...

A beautiful parade and all so different, many creative people out there. Hope you are safe, warm, and dry in this storm.

Messy Karen said...

nice parade. so many beautiful colors.

Linda said...

Gorgeous parade! Every one is just beautiful!

Shannon said...

Wow, I love them!! I wish I was able to finish mine. Everybody did a great job!!

Satu said...

Both of the parades are fabulous! Amazing how different they all looks! And it's wonderful, that you choosed Sweet spot for the next project, because it has been for a while on my Want to do -list;)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely parade

Days and colors said...

I love seeing all the different versions, all of them are beautiful! Your Sweet Spot looks pretty! Stars are my favorite pattern!

Simone de Klerk said...

Love it, how people make there very own version of the Mon Ami blocks! Great Parade, fun as always (((o:

~Marica~ said...

Wonderful parade and all of them had there own charm :)

Marica at Englating

Stina Blomgren said...

Ahhh.. I am starting to miss to join you in the parade.. this is all so much fun.. and all the lovely Mon Ami´s .. just wonderful works!!

reddoorquilting said...

Enjoyed the parade. I saw mine on the side bar but not on the parade.
Edith "little red hen blog"