Monday, October 10, 2011

And Then I Remembered

This was just a practice layout for my Schnibbles quilt...
(yes, I am doing one just because)!
Well, just because Thelma was making it and I wanted to
play with these fabrics and make one also.
There is some controversy over the name of the pattern though.
It was named Bibelot.
Renamed Thelma... by Thelma.
But since I have 3 boys that have names that start with...
well, you see where I'm going with that.

But I had to pick this up off the floor and add the little side sashings
to it before I forgot to do that step.
Yeap, I forget things like that!

I get more scattered than you think...
well, maybe you already knew that!
I started off the weekend tidying up my sewing room, so I could
find my cutting table etc.
And these fabrics that I have been holding on to forever spoke to me.

So I diverted from my plan... and made some nine patch blocks.

And some more 9 patch blocks.

And even some little 9 patch blocks!
It's the start of an Acorn and Quilt Co. pattern that I have loved even longer than that fabric!
Here is a picture of it from the quilt shop called Holly Hill in West Linn, Oregon.
Borrowed from their blog, Boughs of Holly.

But then I remembered that I was suppose to be gathering my fabrics for the
I went to the stash closet and picked out this:
I have gone to my stash before, when I made the Eventide project with Cupcake and Daises group.
And I regretted my decision. Hopefully this will turn out better than that one did.

I am not so enamoured with my dark fabrics anymore...
although I still love Blackbird Designs and everything they create.
So now the cutting begins... wish me luck...
I hope I am "feeling it" when it's all said and done!

Then I remembered that this weekend is my retreat, Pine Needles Quilt Camp, I hold...
and I need to do a whole list of things to get ready for that!

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15 friends stopped by to chat:

Cardygirl said...

Love the Schnibbles...could we rename it Model T and everyone would be happy? Have fun at the retreat.

Linda said...

You are busy!! Have fun at the the little Scnibbles quilt!!

Linda said...

I love both quilts - the one you've started and the one you will start!

Kate said...

Wow, you do have a lot going on! I've got a kit for that Glace quilt hanging around day!

Megan said...

oooh, I love those 9-patches you've made, and that Acorn 9-patch quilt is beautiful! I'm excited to see how you interpret it! I'm so bad about getting distracted in the sewing room. I try to accomplish a little bit of something in there before I leave, even if it's not what I set out to do when I walked in there.

Darlene said...

Love your Bibelot Schnibbles quilt - it's darling!!!

Enjoy your retreat!

Kris said...

Oh How I wish I were going!

Carol said...

I am in love with those nine patches! Your fabrics for Studly & The Mrs. are great! I think it's going to be gorgeous!

Mary said...

I love the 'T' quilt no matter what name you give it! I think the first comment is right on + call it 'Model T' - wish I'd thought of that. I get to go fabric shopping today and I'm so excited! It's been months and I'm in serious withdrawal.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Oh wow - look at you go girl! Okay, I have to say I love your "T" quilt - so cute! And, I love the pattern you're doing with the "Glace" fabric - that's going to be a beautiful quilt! And, I love the fabrics you picked for our quilt along - that's going to be REALLY pretty too! And, a retreat to boot - how do you do it Sinta? Really, inquiring minds want to know - how do you do it? :)

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love the T quilt!

Thelma said...

Sinta, I'm always amazed by the amount of piecing going on in your sewing room! Model T is a good name, but not as good as "T Stands for Thelma"!, I"m not backing down! I love that Acorn Quilt pattern, it's in my To Do basket, but you make me want to get it out and get with it! You're STILL not loving your Eventide! Sinta, your quit was amazing, everyone seems to love ti but you!!! Your fabric choice for your next sew along looks like a winner to me! Enjoy that retreat!

Linda said...

Have fun!!! I love retreats! Love your Thelma :-) Schnibbles!!!

Michele said...

Lots going on :-) Great Schnibbles, no matter who call it what!

Wendy P said...

Glace fabrics!!! Purrr..... I love them too! I have a king size quilt from that line that should be quilted in time for Christmas.

The Acorn and Quilt Co pattern is adorable!