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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Le Petite Grand Finale

HI! I have missed you all this last week or so!
Thank you for all your nice comments and thoughts for me.
It's nice to be back in blogville with you again.
And... to celebrate with a parade ta' boot!

I am so excited to revisit your collections of Le Petite projects!
Although I have been "absent" from blogville, I have taken
a few minutes to look at my emails here and there
when I have had a moment to relax.
I love seeing the quilts that were made during the past year for
Le Petite... I know you are going to love seeing them too!
It gets me all reved up to do it again!!!

Here are some of my quilts from the year...
Time is running short so I will settle for half of the collection of  Le Petite.
But most importantly...

here are the quilts from the Le Petite participants!!!

This collection was created by Allison, Cardygirl blog.
Did you count them? Yes, all 12 were completed!

This collage of gorgeous quilts is
from Joyce... from And Sew On blog.
Don't the quilts look great together?
You really really need to see her quilts individually on Joyce's blog!

Here is a picture of Endless Summer by Shannon from Nunus Quilting World blog.
I kive the color placement and the bright fabrics she used. This was a fun quilt to make.

This collection is just beautiful and almost needs no introduction...
since Buster is posed in most of the photos here...
we know that these were created by Carol at Carol's Crafty Creations blog!

I grabbed this picture from LeAnn's blog post at Sewing Straight Stitches that shows all of her
Le Petite quilts because this also had Tuley Bear photographed with the quilt!
Go over to LeAnn's blog to see all of her other sweet quilts!

I love this one here by Leah... aka Quilted Delights. I love the way this one came together..
and you will want to see all of her other creations for Le Petite on her blog!

Do you not just love this one? It's Paganini.
adventurous with her patterns! You have to check out her parade of Le Petite quilts 
on her blog!

And from Paws for Stitching blog,
here is a beautiful version of  Butter Churn by Dorothy.
Does this give you any ideas for a quilt holiday gift???

This  is one of Kay's quilts from Le Petite...
she sent me all the pictures and I attempted to make a collage of them, however a few just wouldn't cooperate! So, here are MOST of Kay's other lovely creations!

And here is a sample of the delightful quilts from Red Door Quilting

I love this quilt... and now I need to go make another Honeycomb!

Newly added to the parade:

This is Full House and is from Sandie at Crazy Bout Quilts...
you can see the rest of her collection on her blog!
She always made fun little twists to her  projects!

This is Endless Summer from Michele at Island Life Quilts...
lots more eye candy over at her blog!

There are a few more gorgeous quilts to see over at
May's blog: Krisp Quilts. I love her style and her photography too!
Thank you to everyone who played along this past year.
Your quilts are amazing and inspirational!
Thanks for sharing your talent and making each month so much fun too!
I will look forward to the first of the year when Sherri and I start up
Another Year of Schnibbles!
I guess that means that we need to start getting busy and get prepared for January! 


20 friends stopped by to chat:

Thelma said...

Yeah, what a wonderful finale! I'm ready, yessiree, I'm going to participate every month next year, I can hardly wait!

Lesley said...

Thanks so much for sharing pics of all the quilts! What a wonderful year you all had! I definitely want to be part of Year Two and can't wait!

Carol said...

Love your Le Peteite re-cap Sinta. I'm so happy we will be back to Year of Schnibbles, I'm pretty much addicted to Schnibbles.

Darlene said...

Lots and lots of beauties! I'm playing next year - yes I am. woohoo!!!!! Like Thelma, I can hardly wait. :-)

Jules said...

Great to see the collections! Sorry mine never seem to transfer to you correctly. :\ Visit my blog post to see it clearer. :)

Kim said...

It's so much fun to see these quilts from everyone! Thanks for putting the parade together for us.

Josie McRazie said...

You ladies are all so very talented! Might I be a part of your next year...I will be watching and waiting!! Thanks again for sharing!!

Cheryl said...

Everyone did such a great job! Perhaps I will find the time next year to join in the fun.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Tuley is super famous now! She'll be so happy...of course she's pretty much always happy. Thanks again for hosting Sinta, it was tons of fun!

Mary said...

It was so much fun to see the quilts together like this! Thanks for posting the recap.

May Kristin said...

Thanks for another great parade!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Great review! I posted mine on my blog yesterday too~ guess I misunderstood about sending the link. Sorry. Thanks for the year of fun!

Michele said...

So many beautiful quilts! Just lovely! I'm excited about starting again in January :-) I posted a LePetite year review on my blog also. Sinta, thanks so much for organizing it all each month with Sherri :-) Glad you're back!

John'aLee said...

Thanks for the beautiful quilt show! What inspiration!

Shannon said...

Such beautiful quilts. I love seeing them all together like this!

JJ said...

Everyone did such good work. It was fun to see them all on one page.

Cyndi said...

Hey Sinta! Thanks for showing everyone's all are so talented and make the prettiest quilts...I really enjoy seeing them!

I owe you an e-mail, will write soon! Until then, take care and know I'm thinking about ya!



PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Loved the parade!

Simone de Klerk said...

Thank you Sinta and Sherri for all the lovely parades. It has been so much fun to see so many different projects and to have joined some of them.
I look forward to next year!

~Marica~ said...

Lovely Le Petite quilt and Girls had done wonderful work on them..I only finish 6 of 12 but hope to made the 6 unfinished quilts under next year..

I had update my blog with the last picture of what I had done..

Thanks you Sinta and Sherri for all the good work and encourage. Hope too have time to participate next year..

Take care!