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Friday, January 6, 2012

A New Year, A Chance to Renew

I have been absent all week!
I am so happy at the turnout we have so far for AYOS.
Every one is so creative... I am sure it will be another fun year.

(photo borrowed from somewhere out on the web)

I have been wanting to share with those of you who are making Full House...
the fabric requirements so that you can start your wheels turning and
maybe start looking at your stash while you are waiting for the pattern to
Full House Fabric requirements:

2 charm packs
1 fat quarter roof background
1/2 yard sashings and borders
easie peasie!

I have big plans for 2012.
I took photos of my projects but I have been traveling
and it seems that my camera cord has been traveling also... and we haven't
caught up with each other yet.

Here is my plan for January:
  • I can tell you that first on my list is Swoon. I have that one cut out right now. Yeah!
  • I plan on taking one of my unfinished projects and completing it as a monthly goal.
  • A Schnibble per month is a must!
  • Henrietta Squirrel is on the agenda also. I have all the patterns that didn't get done last year. So I can start that as a monthly project as well.
But that's not all!
Remember that last year Kelly at Charming Chatter challenged us to come up with a word for the year?
Last year my word was picnic.
As in: enjoy life, take it easy...
I have lots and lots of ideas that have been brewing in my head this past year
and I have decided that my word for this year is:

I want to make changes in my home and my life but I don't necessarily want new.
I just want a little change, to refresh, a chance to re-new.
So that will be my motto for the year!

Do you have a word???


13 friends stopped by to chat:

Kim Brackett said...

I like your word of the year. I don't have a word yet, but one that pops into my head is "breathe." The last few months have been so chaotic that I forget to do that sometimes. :-)

I hope you have a fabulous 2012, and I hope you accomplish all of your goals. Knowing you, you'll do all of that and more!

Unknown said...

Just wanted tp let you know I have begun the houses. Yes, I am in for another year. Kim grabbed the new cute button for the new year. I had joined the FQ schnibble club last yesr when you mentioned it so already have the four new ones.
I must get another blog written. Have photos to upload and just havn't done it.
Like you word for the year. Mine is YFOs.

Kay said...

Happy New Year, Sinta. I have decided to join the "Year of Scnibbles" bandwagon along with a co-worker and the owner of the shop I work at. Still trying to fiqure out how to put the button on my blog...having some issues with blogger lately..grrrr. You have great goals for 2012. I'm afraid to write too many down!!!

sunny said...

Great word! Mine is Contentment for 2012. You have quite a nice list of projects. I'd like to do AYOS, but as slow as I am, I wouldn't get anything else done each month. But I do especially love Full House!

Unknown said...

Renew is a great word for the year. My word this year is Relax. :)

Cheryl said...

Great goals for the year!!! I really, really, really want to the Shnibble Club....hmmmm!! I love your word. I still haven't come up with mine.

Dandelion Quilts said...

Cannot wait to see Swoon. :)

Needled Mom said...

I DO like the new word for the year. It fits perfectly.

Michele said...

Sounds like you have a great plan and a great word too! I'm thinking of "refresh" for my word. I think just refreshing things in all aspects of my life would make a difference to me right now. I'm getting started on my houses......a good resolution for me would be to get the Schnibbles done a little earlier in the month this year LOL! I always managed to be just under the wire last year LOL!!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I started my Swoon! I got my first block almost done today and my second one cut out.

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Adorei sua lista,e a palavra re-novo é mesmo muito interessante.Minha palavra para 2012 é: REFORMA.Reformar casa,quarto de costura,quintal, jardim, e tudo que mais aparecer. Projetos de costura é fazer tantas e quantas colchas conseguir de placas de desdren,e terminar 3 de hex,que comecei em setembro passado,falta pouco.FELIZ ANO NOVO!!! FELIZ ANO TODO!!!

Carrie said...


I think I'm going to add that word to my "list"! I love it. :)

Thank you.

luckycharm said...

I found you rblog via Aunt Pollys Porch. I'd love to do the schnibbles but I'm totaly confused... I can not find the pattern. I have clicked all the links and nowhere can I find how I get the pattern.. Help!!! I see yout yardage requirements... Can anyone tell me how to find the actual pattern... Also is there a flickr page to post onto, I'm not a blogger. I guess if I choose a word most appropriate it would be over-do... I want to make everything, I too am starting Swoon! I finished cutting last night...