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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

You Amaze Me

I loved each and every quilt, pillow, runner and topper that was in the Full House parade!
I think there was nearly 60 quilts, 60 awesome bloggers who joined in!
You all amaze me!

So, I was going to tell you, that due to my honey being in the hospital
and being stressed in general... I was really hoping for a quick and easy project this month...
for the next AYOS.
 I looked on my list and saw this one. I.S.T.H.
I went through my pattern stack and found it.
Usually Carrie has a little blurb in her patterns on how she came up with the name but
this time I could easily see... those initials are mixed up.
They really should be
That was the first word out of my mouth
when I opened the pattern and saw little half square triangles and then I flipped the pattern over
and took another look at the name... yeah, I am certain there was a mix up with the letters!

Ok, that being said, it really wasn't bad at all. See- I managed to make it
even though I am working and spending the same amount of time in a ICU!
I know you all will have no problem at all getting it done!

There was a question about the button... so I thought I would explain...
If you don't have our button but would like to put it on your sidebar...
here it is. There isn't a code for it though, you can just link it to
either one of our blogs, Sherri's A Quilting Life or mine.
Here are a couple of our wonderful featured quilt shops
that have the Schnibbles patterns available for you.

I have a link on my sidebar of the featured quilt shops also. 

(their web site is under construction right now)

I am excited to say that
Green Fairy Quilts is our newest featured quilt shop.

Sherri will have the list of prize winners over at her blog today.

Congratulations to the winners and congrats to everyone who played this month!

11 friends stopped by to chat:

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

LOL :-D Oh girl~ now you've given me the giggles! ;-) I'll bet Carrie didn't think of that when she named it. :-) LOL

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Oh you silly girl!!!! Giggles.


Ahhhh--how did you know 'what' I said when I seen this month's and knew once again that out of all the schnibbles patterns I have collected--that that one was not there--so I just had to go hunting and find me one==cause--one can not just order one simple pattern!!!!
Sure hope and pray that DH gets himself better soon
Hugs, and smiles, Di and miss gracie

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Thank you for all you have done in putting this years Schnibble together on top of the stress you already have. Blessings and prayers for your DH and yourself.

carol fun said...

You crack me up! Now that is all I'll see when I look at the pattern. Sending prayers for you and your hubby- take care and thanks for all you do for this event.

Kris said...

Hi Sinta! I have not been getting your post updates on my blog! You have been one busy quilting lady!!!
Hope your husband is better by now.
Thinking of you!

Carol said...

Your quilt is so cute. You made me laugh with what you think the patten should have been named. I too like to read how Carrie gets the names of her patterns.

Cheryl said...

Too funny!!! Sending big hugs to your hubby and you! Thanks so much for all the work you do for the Schnibbles group.

Shelley said...

I WAS having trouble with a quilt pattern by the name of I.S.T.H.! Who wants to make an what the heck is that?? NOW, it all makes sense lol! S.H.I.T. I can deal with lol! Take care of yourself while taking care of hubby. Prayers for both of you!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

LOL!!! I like it!

Mary said...

I love your pattern title! It's been known to slip from my lips on several occasions. I've been shopping at Green Fairy for a while (stocking up for AYOS) and have to say she's been wonderful. And she always sticks in a pen. Good thing because I seem lose mine. I'm glad to see she's a sponsor. Is your husband home yet? This has to be really hard on you.