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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The I. S. T. H. Parade Is Here!

California Poppy Photo
Do you know what I love about March?
It means that winter is nearly over, daylight savings time begins for us, 
which means more sun light hours to quilt in and wildflowers are starting to bloom!
My oldest son will be turning 30 this month and, as you already know, I will become 
a grandma this month too! my son's name starts with a T. Well, actually all 3 of my son's names
start with a T.
Does that give you a clue as to what Schnibbles we will be making this month?
Well, here it is:
(I'm not going to do any name switching this time... but...
 my bloggy friend Thelma has a thing for "T's" also,
I'm just saying). 

Bibelot Schnibbles Charm Pack Pattern Miss Rosie's Quilt Company Schnibbles Pattern
Here is a photo of the pattern that I borrowed from Fat Quarter Shop.
They carry the pattern along with our featured quilt shops that sponsor our prizes.
Here is my version...
and if it looks familiar, it is. I made this sometime near the end of last year.
So I am getting to cheat a little this month!

Here is what you will be needing to get started:
2  charm packs
1 1/8 yards background
I hope you have fun with the pattern!
I really enjoyed this quilt.. I hope you enjoy it too.

Okay now, are you ready for the Schnibbles Insert Snappy Title Here
parade of quilts?
Well, let's get started because we have a lot of quilts to show you!

Paulette, shared  her  I.S.T.H. quilt...
she had it sent to me before Valentine's Day!  
She does amazing work!

Mary at Gwendie's Quilts blog made a beautiful version...
do you see how the center star pops?

made her beautiful quilt with French General fabrics.
I love the center background... it's a little bit lighter.
Don't change it Sandy!

Patty D. from the blog A Stitch In Time made her sweet quilt with the beautiful Ruby fabric line.

Wendy from the Another Day In Pensacola blog had some technical difficulties so she made
Reveille quilt as a substitute. A beautiful quilt too! The large version of this quilt was on the cover of 
Carrie's book Another Bite of Schnibbles

Sandy F. made a Western theme version.. at first glance I
thought it was a Christmas quilt... but this theme works great with those fun fabrics!

Leah at Quilted Delights blog made her happy version complete with 
butterfly's... you can see some great close up photos of her blocks on her blog!

May Kristin  at Krisp Quilts blog made 
her version with the Rural Jardin line by French General.
It looks so romantic... maybe it was because she worked on 
it in February? 

Strawberry Fields version made by Laura. 
I wish this was a better photo.. because the quilt is beautiful
and S.F. fabric is one of my favorite fabric groups by Fig Tree!
(not counting Calif. Girl, coming out soon)

Satu from Cat Tales made a very cute table runner and gave it a special border...
it's cat approved!

Feeling the tropical breeze?
This version was created by Michele at Island Life Quilts
So pretty and relaxing to look at. 
I love her stars.

Here we have another beautiful table runner made by Shelly at Poplun Quilts.
The quilting is beautiful too!

Shannon at Nunus Quilt World made her festive version...
it makes me of lemonade, pink and yellow!

Trelly made this sweet version... I love the pink!
I just love her colors... so Shabby Chic, just my style!

Meredith created her version with the gorgeous California Girl fabric!
Here is a link to her Flickr page.

OK, this might be a bit confusing but we have an entry A Creative Notion by Vicki...
her Full House is just too pretty!

Patti J. made a beautiful version of the pattern. I love the 
way the stars stand out.

LeAnn created a happy (or should I say, Snappy) version
of  I.S.T.H. here! Bold, bright and fun...
I imagine she had fun seeing these blocks come together.

An here is a fun version made by Susan B. with a 
checkerboard border that just pops!
I can see this being pulled out for the 4th, Veteran's Day, and Memorial Day.
It looks so patriotic.

Here is the last one for the parade! This beauty was made by Pati.
You can visit her at her blog Pati Quilts.

Now, to see more... a lot more...
 you need to pop on over to A Quilting Life and see the other
quilts that were entered into the parade!
I'm heading over there right now!
But before you go... you might want to check my last post...
I am having a giveaway! 
And you might want to head over to Cupcake n Daises,
Thelma is having a special giveaway too... 

15 friends stopped by to chat:

Mary said...

Everyone did such a nice job! This was another great parade.

Leah said...

All the quilts are wonderful! I love seeing all the different variations and fabric choices.

Lesley said...

What a wonderful parade! Congrats to all those who participated. Mine isn't quite finished yet. I just need another day to finish the top and then will look forward to making Bibelot. Many thanks for hosting, Sinta and Sherri!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

How fun to see all of these in so many different colors, fabrics, and settings. Everyone did such a super job.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Great first half, Sinta. Hopping over to see the rest of it now. I hope things are getting better for you. :)

Kris said...

I love the T quilt! How appropriate!

Satu said...

I'm still amazed what I saw at Sherri, but see so many more beautiful ISTHs... Wonderful parades; everyone really did amazing quilts!

Anonymous said...

All are so pretty! I have a few favorites too!

Simone de Klerk said...

All so pretty, all so different.

Cheryl said...

Love the parada...each and every one is a beauty!! Also excited about this months pattern..our last name starts with a T!

Shannon said...

Such a cool selection of quilt tops. So many different colors. How pretty!

Dandelion Quilts said...

Look at all those pretty quilts.

May Kristin said...

So many beautiful and different quilts/quilttops! I love the parade! Looking forward to make the next Schnibble!

Kris said...

Sinta - the i.s.t.h. quilts are great!! And your Bibalot "cheater" quilt is a great inspiration!!! Maybe I can get this month's Bibelot quilt done!! Thanks for the parade!! Kris

Dee said...

I so enjoy looking at all the different quilts everyone made. Just the fabric choice makes them look so different and unique from each other! Great parade again. I've already ordered my Bibelot pattern and hope it comes soon.