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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Claiming the Title: The Original Glamper

I have no choice but to come out of the closet now!
I had wanted to write a little something about me on
Friday when I had my 500th post celebration.

And now it seems I really must come out of the closet...
especially since a new Moda Designer, Mary Jane Butler of
Mary Jane's Farm was at Market to reveal a new line of fabric:
Glamping. (see top left photo borrowed from Pam Buda)

I found Mary Jane when her magazine was just  randomly published...
I think she was the original "farm chick" back then. 

But I am here to claim the title of original "glamper". 

I went to Yosemite over 30 years ago. 
I have mentioned before that I gone to see the National Park for the day, 
and then ended up staying. 
Never left. 
I had only ever actually camped as a child with my grand parents in Oregon.
They had one of those sweet canned ham trailers. I loved it.
As I grew up, the only "camping" my family did was to rent a house in the 
mountains... bring the dog, the TV, fondue pot etc.

So,  in Yosemite, my living quarters was one of these tents. 
I bought a flash light, a travel alarm  clock
 (because I would need to get to work on time)
 and a sleeping bag. My family  mailed my clothes to me.
I never left my new home (and job).
Working in Yosemite was much like
 a cross between M.A.S.H. and the movie Dirty Dancing.
A small town of kids from all over the U.S.

I was probably the only one there that wore make-up, and it 
wasn't long at all before a heated water bed was in that tent!
I had one electrical outlet at the top of the tent where there was a light bulb.
I unplugged the water bed for a short time in the 
mornings in order to plug in my blow dryer and alternate with my curling iron!
You know I got kidded a lot back then and
I could never had shared that until now.

I am so excited that camping has been transformed!
And I am so glad that I can come out of the closet with my little 
secret! Because my idea of retirement is to return to glamping 
and maybe even return to the "canned ham" and enjoy 
the camping and fishing like Sisters on the Fly!

Although... I don't like to catch fish. Ewww.

9 friends stopped by to chat:

Nanette Merrill said...

This makes me laugh. We used to camp when our older kids were little and I admit to a bit of glamping. We even had hot showers outside with riverwater. We pumped the water through copper tubing that was heated and rigged into a little tiny tent. That was before we got our travel trailer. There is something fun about eating outside and having a comfy bed, too. We sold our trailer when my husband came to me and told me he was tired of it all. I was super sad. Still am. Thanks for taking me back. you ARE the original glamper for sure.

Auntie Pami said...

I have always wanted a trailer. We were tent campers. We even camped with our Edsel (the hood made a great table. Now that's camping! Loved to fish. We would live on trout and hashbrowns and scrambled eggs. Those memories are some of the very best from my childhood. Her fabric is very cute. I think I'd like curtains for my (dream) trailer.

ytsmom said...

I wish that was my life! What an adventure. And I assume that you found DH somewhere along the way?

Needled Mom said...

I've always thought that would be the ideal way to camp. We have slept on the ground in tents for a gazillion years and would love to try a camper sometime. It sounds like you had a blast in Yosemite. I'll come with you and catch your fish!!!

Josie McRazie said...

Well I cant say I would do the tent thing again, my back is done sleeping on the ground. But we have a fifth wheel Andre spend most of the summer camping. I don't mind being without makeup and my hair tossed in a bun or a clip! I am all for the simple things! Now to get rid of kids so I can claim their room in the camper as a sewing room! LOL

Cascade Quilts said...

that's awesome Sinta! I have one of those old ''canned ham'' trailers (have shared it on my blog before), and hubby and I *just* got one of those 'wall' tents like that! also shared on my blog about how we took the 14x18 tent and made it into a 14x12 tent (much easier to set up and better sized for 2) We got a woodstove for ours and we are going to be hunting out of it next month. Not 'glamping' at all though - no electricity and no showers/toilet - should be INTERESTING to say the least :)

Linda in Calif. said...

I'm also one that wears makeup while camping! I'm so glad you do too. Although now we have a travel trailer and I LOVE it. One of my first posts was about camping near Yosemite and you commented on it. I hope to go back there soon.

Fiona said...

Love glamping.. Used this phrase with friends while camping they thought it was silly, meanwhile they had started the generator so they could plug in the capsule coffee maker in and the ipad, outside the caravan. Whose silly now. keep the glamping faith, only way to go

Sherri said...

oh my goodness...I loved this post...had to read it twice!!! I think you will love the fabric too...and Mary Jane was soooo sweet!