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Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm Seeing Stars! Welcome to the AYOS Parade!

I know it was a hard choice...
and we even had one person who couldn't make a choice... so she made both!
Wish I would have thought of that!
But, if you were like me, you waited until at least October 1st to start this month's project...
even though you were given the heads up in September. 
I waited until mid-October, however... and then realized that I needed to
be making the November AYOS project!
Oy Vye! 

So here we are... embarking on the last part of 2012, heading into the 
holidays (only 55 days left until Christmas)...
so Sherri and I thought you might like a little reprieve and make a little project for  November.
I hope you are okay with that!
We picked another Little Bites.
It's called Drop. Drop ~ another word for little bites or little pieces.
Carrie is so clever!

Image of Drop ~ Little Bites PDF

I hope you like it! Sherri made hers using Kate Spain's Honey Honey fabric line.
I love the pattern and can't wait to get mine done!

I know so many of you had your challenges with the "big" project...
least of all, there was SANDY causing all sorts of trouble
over there on the East Coast.
I am glad that everyone not only survived the ordeal...
but managed to finish their projects... even with sketchy  
electricity and computer abilities!
You guys really are awesome!

So grab a cup of something hot, sit back and enjoy the parade:

Here is a wonderful version by Deb at Tis the Season!
How original and beautiful this is with the applique!
Can you see the embroidered verse at the top? Awesome!

We were having a hard time getting Kay's photo to show up.
I didn't want you to miss this one! Isn't it beautiful?

Michele from Island Life Quilts blog made a beautiful Hubble 
is bright large print fabric and with a gorgeous grey background.
She has some nice close-up pictures on her blog!

 Sue made a beautiful Hubble with a very striking contrast.
She teams up with Wendy each month...

and here is Wendy's version... in red and white.
They are both so different and gorgeous... do
you see the differences in the center of the stars also?

Sue made a beautiful Bounce quilt... I can't help but 
try to find the stars that are "bouncing"!

Mary from Gwendie's Quilts blog went rouge...
she really needed to get a quilt made for her daughter 
who is soon to have a baby... understandable!
The fabrics are so cute... you really need to take a look over at her blog.

 Meredith from Piecing in the Nook blog made a beautiful Bounce quilt here...
The fabrics are great! Love this one!

 Paulette made hers at my retreat a couple of weeks ago... she nearly finished it there
also, she just needed the borders by the end of the weekend.
We kept counting out how many stars we had made.
She by-passed me before long!!!

 Sandy Crazy Bout Quilts used It's a Hoot fabric from MoMo.
I know she is super happy with Bounce... it is adorable!

 Sandy made from Riley Blake Divinity fabrics... yummm!
So soft and scrumptious!

 Marti's Bounce is super fun... the colors in her fabrics really pop and
the border really stands out too.

 Patty from A Stitch in Time blog made a beautiful Hubble here
and I love the quilting on it too!

Sandy F (no blog) made a beautiful Bounce quilt here.
She uses a polka dot background and polka dot fabrics
from her polka dot stash! 37 of them!  Love it!!!

Here is a gorgeous Hubble made by Polly at Aunt Polly's Porch.
This just looks so sweet in the photo... beautiful job Polly!

Here is a spectacular version of Hubble made by Edith!
Beautiful vivid colors!!!

Both Sherri and I added Ediths, because somehow, she just seems to get missed...
and we did not want you to miss her Hubble...
so, we ended up missing two other people in the mean time! *gr*
my apologies!!! And it's their first time participating in AYOS!
I wouldn't want you to miss these quilt either!

This beautiful red and white Bounce was made by Tracey!
I just love it! You can see more photos at Block Party Guild blog

And here is her friends quilt... a very happy Bounce made with Kate Spain fabrics
out in the snow!
Christa made this version and you can see more over at her
blog... Second Story Quilting!
Thank you so much for sending these to us to put in the parade!!!

16 friends stopped by to chat:

Sherri said...

Fun to see them all...I think we both have Edith...other than that I think we're good this month!!!Yay! Both parades are so fun!

Mary said...

All the quilts are such fun! I love the little quilt for November.

And thank you for the nice thing you said about my fabric choices. You're so sweet!

JoAnne said...

I've been waiting all day, puttering with this and that, obsessively checking for the parades. This one is awesome. I love the polka dot backround fabric in (was it Sandy's)!! Thanks so much for doing this Sinta. It really gets my month off to a good start!

Carol said...

What a fantastic parade...wonderful, wonderful quilts! Thanks again for doing all of this Sinta!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Loved the parade! Thanks so much for all your work every month! Great quilts!

Denise :) said...

How beautiful these all are!! I love it!! This parade makes me want to join the fun! :)

Lesley said...

Fantastic parade! Love to see how everyone interprets the patterns with their fabric choices. Also love the next month's quilt...maybe I'll manage to get this one done! Thanks for sharing these great quilts!

Ramona said...

They all turned out beautiful. That red and green on black is outstanding but maybe because itis so different and - well - 55 days until Christmas!!!! EEK! Great job everyone!

Shannon said...

They are all so beautiful!! I am sad I had to miss this one. Wonderful work ladies!

Izzy said...

Great job everyone! Every single one looks amazing. And thank you Sinta and Sherri for hosting once again... I love the AYOS parade! :-)

Darlene said...

Beautiful parade of quilts.

Theresa said...

What a wonderful parade, they're all beautiful.

Christa Marcotte said...

Did we miss the entry for the parade? My girlfriend and I each made a 'Bounce' and emailed the photos. Did we send them to the wrong place?

Kris said...

Such prettiness!!!
xo Kris

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

AWESOME parade! Hubble is my favorite. I need to make it myself.

Michele said...

Always lovely :-) Thanks Sinta, Sherri, and Carrie!