Friday, January 25, 2013

Mid Week Mosaic

I am heading out on the Road to California!
I know, I actually already do live in California...

But I'm talking about the Quilt Show down in Southern California.
I use to go every year... but haven't been able to attend for a few years now.
That's why I am so excited to be going!
It's an amazing quilt show... and okay, lots of fun, and 
great vendors are there too!
I love seeing all the amazing different types of quilts.

Velda Newman's quilts are in the above photo.
I was able to see her once and her amazing quilts are super sized...
much like the Georgia O'Keeffe of quilting! 
You can see the tops of the heads of an audience viewing her
quilts... that gives you an idea of how large it is. All of the quilts are like that..

I hope to take lots of photos of quilts like these...
and the other inspiring quilts... that I think I might
be able to make!
(did I mention doing a little bit of shopping too)?
Will I see you at Road???

6 friends stopped by to chat:

Cathy said...

Take lots of pictures for those of us who can't attend but would love too. Have a great time. Hugs

Cindy said...

Have fun, take pics and above all - be safe.

Carrie P. said...

have fun! wish I could be there but I live on the east coast!

trish said...

I am envious of you!! How fun this will be.
I cant wait to see your pictures! :0)

Lisa D. said...

It was really wonderful to meet you, Sinta!

Karen said...

Would love to go some year - so enjoy it for all of us that can't go.