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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sunday Flew By and Here We Are...

 Wow, how did it get to be Wednesday already?
Here is what I worked on for Scrap Basket Sunday...
unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to add my link to
Kim's Big Quilting Adventure blog, and show my 
project with everyone else.
I made 3 different blocks from the Scrap Basket Sensations
book. I am trying to decide if I am going to make a scrap  "sampler" quilt
using blocks from the different projects in Kim's book or
if this is the start of 3 different quilts!
Yesterday, my quilt circle had our monthly meet-up. 
It was my turn to host...
so I took an extended lunch and we all met up at the LQS.
I thought it would be fun to show my quilting buddies
this project.
Something BIG, fast, and furious!
So I did a little demo for them.

I saw the demo on it from Missouri Star Quilt Co.
It's pretty fun. This is a 25" block. You can get yourself
a large quilt in no time with this method.
If you watch the tutorial... I would only add...
that I would press my fabric from the get-go with sizing, for 
stabilization purposes. You end up working with bias edges, but
I haven't found any issues yet... that is why I used the sizing!
Dashing Stars
I was trying to find more photos of the quilt in the video when
I stumbled upon the same quilt called Dashing Stars that 
appeared in an issue of Quickly Quilting by Fons and Porter.
3 rows across and 4 down... you have yourself a quilt 
measuring 94 x 121 with borders, BAM- in a heartbeat.
I gave a repeat performance last night too, when I went back to the LQS 
to teach a Crumbler class. It was a small class, and went quickly...
so I brought out my star... and played some more.
They ended up getting two classes in one. 

On another note...
I got attacked by a spider (I think)
I'm tempted to take a photo of my legs.. but I'm going to spare you.
I have 7 bites on one leg and 3 on the other... it's crazy! And itchy!
I'm keeping a close eye on things... I have been bit by a black widow before
and I know that those little buggers can do some damage!

Oh, one more thing about the star... you snowball the corners of the block and
when you add your sashing you get the secondary block that you see there in the photo...
pretty slick!

12 friends stopped by to chat:

Unknown said...

Hope your spider bites heal soon. And I agree, the weeks are flying by, and so is the summer as many of us East Coasters are noticing.
It's just getting warm enough outside to enjoy walking by the Hudson River, but we have had so many rainy days. I'm hoping this rainy phase will end soon.

JoAnne said...

I hope your spider bites are better soon! Did you wash your bedding? Yikes! I got bit by a brown recluse--it was NOT FUN! Thanks for the "heads up" about the tutorial.

Carol said...

What a great idea to do a sampler from Kim's books, you can do blocks from all 3 books. Sorry to hear about the spider bites. That happened to us about a year ago while camping, I think we got bit by chiggers. They are super itchy and big gross bites all over our legs.

Nanette Merrill said...

Dying to make the circle quilt. I really need to stop making a list of everything I want to make because it is impossible. I love your blocks.

Dianne Mitzel said...

this is a wonderful video that Jenny Doan made for us to learn on of her great techniques..I haven't tried it yet, but have it on my the methods she uses, and thanks for the tip about the sizing..I'll be sure to spray it before the cutting out process.

Stitched With Prayer said...

Oh my word!!! I love this quilt! This has been my favorite method of making HST's for over a year now, especially when I can pull from my stash and cut them a little bit larger than called for, the square them up when I assemble the block. Thanks so much for sharing this link Sinta! I have saved it so that I have this quilt pattern handy cause I'm in need of a new bedspread sized quilt and this is just the ticket.
Wow, so many bites!!! I know when I went to the Grand Canyon 2 years ago, I came home with just one, just above my ankle and the doctor watched it closely, but it took forever to heal, about 18 months, but don't panic...I have Scleroderma and those types of bites are very slow to heal on me. I still have quite a lump where it was. The really sad part was, the only souvenir I planned to bring home from the Arizona, was a great coffee mug that I got for my tea, the spider bite was a free bonus gift, LOL. Hope all the bites heal very soon. Hugs...

Jeanna said...

Thanks so much for sharing the video link. I need a new quilt on my king size bed and this would fit the bill perfectly. I'll add this to my list...I've got other things to finish first ;)

carol fun said...

Isn't that a great video from Jenny? I have made this quilt twice since I first saw her demo. I totally support the use of spray starch in making the units and if you don't handle them roughly the star goes together really easy. If you want to see the quilts I made you can check my blog back on 12/3/12 and 11/19/12. I will probably make this quilt again as it gives you a BIG quilt quickly - have fun!

Hildy said...

I hate spiders hope your bites heal soon.
Love your blocks, the stars and the sampler. I'll do a sampler of Camille's new book, it's the next thing on my list:-)

Anonymous said...

I just watched the video..thanks for sharing. It really is a neat idea and yours lovely!

Thelma said...

Would one spider bite you 10 times without you noticing???? I don't think so. I bet you've got some other sort of bite, more of a sneaky bug biter, something small. That's the technical term, sneaky bug biter, really, look it up .

I am always amazed by the new things you've got going on in your sewing room. That giant start quilt would be the perfect project for those family members that want a quilt and have no idea what it takes to make one. This one is very impressive! Looks like you worked real hard on it.

Cindy said...

Hi Sinta. Hope your bites are healing now.
I love this big block. And the video and photo you shared are great. This is absolutely something I WILL attempt, sooner rather than later. Sending you happy "end of the week" hugs