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Thursday, August 29, 2013


Although the books look worn, it is more from traveling
with me than actual reading by me!

I have started a pretty big
book list and these two are my
first two on the list.
As much as I would like to get absorbed into reading...
I think they just need to go back on the shelf for a while.
I have a sewing machine ready to race through
a mountain of projects...
only slowing down for the curves...
and thank goodness there are very few curves
in a quilt!

I got the binding finished on this Juggle quilt. I just had to use the
checkered print and cut it on the bias... I love that look.

this is the fabric. However, I forgot that I wanted to do
a wave border... a mock scallop of sorts. Curves!
Darn. I missed that one!

 Making a little progress on my secret quilt.
Quilting is finished... now for the binding here.

In the meantime,
I have composed my class list for the next schedule at
my local quilt shop.

I have put Sherri's Shine pattern
on the list.

(photo borrowed from A Quilting Life blog)
I am excited to make that one!

Vintage Holiday is also on the class list. I don't think that
quilt got made into a class last year, so it might be a
good class for this fall/winter schedule.

and a Schnibbles pattern, of course!
(probably not this one... but I thought I would show it
just to remind you that this little Canasta quilt will
be the Schnibbles of the month in the next parade...
coming soon!)

Whew, I feel better getting this out on "paper", my
poor head has been spinning.

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10 friends stopped by to chat:

Jeanna said...

All great ideas Sinta.

I love the Thimbleblossoms Christmas quilt. I would sign up for that class in a heartbeat!

Phyllis in Minnesota said...

I am cyber-mailing you a few extra hours to read Sara's Key. It's a great well written book.....but your quilting plans a also great!!

Lesley said...

You have some great quilty plans! I read Sarah's Key and I couldn't put it down...some day when your sewing machine needs a rest, you'll really enjoy this book!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I want to make "Shine" as well. Looking forward to hearing what September's Schnibbles patten is. I found some charms and I am really thinking of joining next month. Any hints?? :)

JoAnne said...

Both of those books are good, but I loved the Literary Society one the best. It is full of the characters that you wish could step out of the pages and be your friends. I must confess that I love a plaid/check border cut on the bias, too!

Just Sew Sue said...

Vintage holiday would make a great pattern for a class

Sherry said...

You just shared some wonderful designs that I will be putting on my list of projects I want to do. I like the Vintage Christmas and Sherri's Shine. I have the fabric for the Canasta Schnibbles but have not had a chance to get started. I will enjoy looking at the parade this month though.

Kay said...

These 2 books are some of my favorites. I am always recommending the Sweet Potato Peel Society because I loved the characters. While I love to sew, I have to read at least a little every day.

Lelia said...

I don't know what other books are on your list; however, those two are excellent choices.

I've read both ; )


I think my books that I have downloaded on my Kindle are on the shelf too!!! we need someone to sit beside us and read to us while we sew--and those audio tapes don't do it for me--I forget to listen to them while I work!!!!!!
great project picks--
hugs, di and miss gracie