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Thursday, November 7, 2013

It's a Pam Kitty Morning Kind of Day

Here are a couple of my secret assignments that I have been busy with.
I have been quietly playing with the wonderful new Pam Kitty Morning
 and Lakehouse Dry Goods fabrics!

I am happy to share them with you today!
I loved making them for two reasons...
#1, I got to play with some fabulous new sweet-as-can-be fabric
from PKM and Lakehouse and #2, was 2 super fun patterns to play with.
I have to admit that those strawberry stems were tricky business...
not hard to do but I would have never in a million years been able to
think of the process myself.
Oh, and #3 is a repeat of #1!
I love this fabric and am savoring the leftovers from these kits.

Both of these kits are soon to be available at Fat Quarter Shop.

Strawberry Shortcake Quilt Kit
Strawberry Social will soon be a gift for little Evie!

Pastel Butter Mints Quilt Kit
And one for grammy's house too!

I was anxious to start my Bee in My Bonnet sew along this week.
I missed out of the sewing along part of the sew along. Meaning I 
didn't make any rows but I was so excited to see everyone else's rows
as they made them each week! Have you seen Carol's at Carol's Crafty Creations?
I love hers and many others!
I had printed out the row along as it progressed.. and to my surprise it
filled up a 3 ring binder! Never-the-less, when the book was going to be published
I knew I had to have it... mostly because it also included fun photos of the photo shoot and
not to mention the many other projects that are in Lori's book. 
And now to know that there is a sew along with a bonus project....
you don't think I am going to pass that up do you?
Now if I can only remember how to add this to the Flikr Group.

7 friends stopped by to chat:

Just Sew Sue said...

Cute, I'm sewing along and still have the row along to put together. First I need to finish the Schnibble I started yesterday.

Jeanna said...

A couple a real cuties Sinta! Evie is going to LOVE her quilts.

Carrie P. said...

the strawberry quilt is the cutest ever.

Nancie Anne Quilts said...

I did the same thing...including editing and reducing some photos...and it still consumed a notebook! Maybe I'll grow some apples this weekend!

Satu said...

Lori's book is fabulous! It's one kind of color therapy, if you only browse it;o) I also missed the row-along, but now when I have the book I HAVE to be-along... so I have already loaded my APPLES to the Flickr;o) This will be fun!!!

CathyK said...

My Strawberry Social is currently at the longarmers! Super excited to get it back!! Isn't it the best to play with fabric?! I bought Lori's book right away! Such cute goodies in there.


I love your models--love those colors of fabrics too--you did a great job on these--thanks for showing us them!
Also love the last block with the colors--way to go!
hugs, di and miss gracie