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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Midweek Mosaic: Are You In the Mood?

It's that time of year!
I am ready to start baking...
and my quest is to make French Macaron cookies.
I have been wanting to make them for a couple of years now...
and this year I am giving it a go!
I have pinned a slough of pictures on my Pinterest board of 
these lovely creations.
They are a little tricky to make but I am
ready for the challenge.
Here is my thought:
I would love to give these as small gifts for Christmas!
So, that is my incentive!

In preparation for the holiday's I also bought myself
a new cookbook:

 A delicious baking cookbook.

(the Model Bakery famous English muffins)

The book is recipes from the amazing Model Bakery that is in the Napa area
of California. St. Helena to be exact.
The weather is on my side... cold and rainy, so the perfect time to fire up the oven
and get busy in the kitchen!
Another wonderful place in Napa is the Jordan Vineyards and Winery!
In my opinion,
 Napa is probably one of the best parts of California... 
the food, the wine, and the countryside.

Here is a video from their chef on making French Macaron's!

How to Make French Macarons: demonstration video tutorial (not Macaroons)

The Jordan Vineyards has another You Tube video on making pie crust...
it's well worth watching!

Happy hump day!

8 friends stopped by to chat:

Jeanna said...

They look delish Sinta. I'm sure yours will be great and what a wonderful gift idea!

Wendy said...

Looks like you might have your work cut out for you! Crank up the music, get out the mixer and have fun!

Helen L said...

gorgeous looking cookies!! Have fun making them: I'd rather be sewing!! :-) And I grew up next to Napa and went to school there and always was begging my Mom to move into town. I now live in Healdsburg, Ca and think it is even more beautiful. Come here and visit next time you are in the area. Email me if you want and I'd be happy to tell you some of the fun things to do here.(We're just over the hills from Napa and the Jordan Enterprises offices are here too!)

Just Sew Sue said...

A lovely present. One big tip is to leave them for half an hour after piping so they develop a skin.

Cheryl said...

Those look wonderfully delicious Sinta! I have fudge on my list for teacher presents this year.

Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, those little macarons are sooo adorable with decorations on top. I made them a few years ago -- yes, they're fussy little buggars. Since then, I see recipes all the time that don't have all the complicated steps that I followed and I wonder if there's been some amazing breakthrough. I.E., maybe we were over-thinking them way back when and a cool, relaxed approach is possible? I've been meaning to try them again, but haven't gotten around to it. I think giving them as Christmas gifts is a fabulous idea!

Kris said...

Ah yes, tis that time again! I shall be stocking up on my supplies and will be doing a fair bit of baking myself!!
I have not, however, attempted the macarons..sp?
xo Kris

Mary said...

I think this is my very favorite cookie. The video was a very good one!