Friday, November 1, 2013

The Post Halloween Parade!

I hope you had a great Halloween!
We don't get trick or treat-ers where I live
but we went over to our son's in-laws to enjoy the festivities! 

Here is the little Evie bunny.
She even hopped!

I just had to get a shot of the "tail end"!

And here is the next AYOS!

This is Morning Jo...
however, this one has a slightly different name.

It's "I Take My Coffee Black" and it was made by
Ms. Cupcake, Thelma! Fortunately she had made 
the project and then was nice enough to offer the photo
of it for the parade today. It seems that I have been
consumed by a few things and I never got mine made.
She made hers with the alternate version of the pattern 
and then added the little twist of a black background fabric
to go with her American Jane fabrics! Cute eh?
Here is the pattern:
Image of Morning Joe PDF ~ No. 474
Option 1
Image of Morning Joe PDF ~ No. 474
Option 2.
I love all of the above!
You can order it here.

Now, grab your left over candy and some "Jo" and get ready 
for the Clover parade!

First up is...
This one!
Here is a beautiful Clover hanging... with a sweet little pumpkin
next to it! This one was made by Michele at Island Life Quilts.

This one was made by Patty who went with only 4 blocks
and made it into a very nice Autumn quilt.

Here is a beautiful version of Clover made by Paulette!
I love her version and what she did with the 4 patch sashing pieces.

Polly from Aunt Polly's Porch
made her sweet version of Clover with only  a 
small setback or two! I enjoyed reading her post about it...
lots of fun photos too!

This gorgeous Clover was made by Sally!
 It is so beautiful... I love these fabrics!

made her festive version here... giving it a very fall look!

Sandy F used Sweetwater fabric "reunion" for her beautiful Schnibbles!
Sandy said she enjoyed the pattern very much... which wasn't  the 
most common comment! Although everyone did agree that they loved their
Schnibbles when it was all done!
Most everyone decided that Clover was the appropriate name!

This lovely version of Clover was made by Susan! She wasn't able to enter
into the last parade so she was determined to get this month's Schnibbles done!
I love the controlled border with the blue and red used in the sashing.

Tracey made a pretty version of her Clover and added a nice border.

Marti thought she wasn't going to get hers done in time...
so she hurried up and took her photo of Clover! I love the colors...
she made a very fun bright and happy quilt!

Nancy made another wonderful version of her Schnibbles project this month...
with the perfect centerpiece!

This is a pretty little one!was made by Sue. She used (believe it or not) 
her leftover civil war reproduction fabrics from her Dear Jane quilt.

Here is a gorgeous Clover made by Tilda!
She used Wintergreen by 3 Sisters. 
It does have a warm holiday feeling!
 Beautifully done!

Here is Wendy's sweet autumn Clover quilt. 
I love her choice of color combinations for each block.
You can read more about Wendy's adventure with her Clover
on her blog, It Is What It Is.

And to finish off the parade... our last Clover Schnibbles 
that was made by Mary C! A beautiful version in rich
fall tones! She actually counted over 700 pieces in this little quilt!

If you haven't been over to A Quilting Life yet...
you need to go see the other half of the parade! 
Please leave a comment to let everyone know 
what you thought of this months' Schnibble parade!

We will have parade prize winners tomorrow!

19 friends stopped by to chat:

Huckleberry stitches said...

GORGEOUS QUILTS LADIES!!!! This is by far my most favorite pattern. The results as you can see by everyones quilt is just beautiful!!! Now to get started on the next Schnibbles quilt! Thanks for hosting!

JoAnne said...

They are all so pretty! I love this pattern--at least how it looks, ha ha. Morning Joe should be fun! I'm off to decide on fabrics.

Mary Caldwell said...

Another fantastic parade! It amazes me how creative everyone is in their color/fabric choices.

I'm looking forward to Morning Joe (and a few less pieces - I hope)~!

Thanks Ladies, for all your hard work with the parades.

Patty said...

what fun as always to see the same pattern done in so many different fabrics. Beautiful work!

Judy said...

They all are beautiful! Love the idea of just doing it with 4 blocks, just might try and do that. Thanks for an awesome parade!

carol fun said...

Such inspiration! I know I will be doing this Schnibble some day -- thanks for hosting the parade - love it!

Lesley said...

Thanks to you and the quilters for a wonderful parade!

Sherri said...

The quilts are all beautiful, and your granddaughter is adorable!

Darlene said...

Your granddaughter is such a cutie.

A delightful parade of Clover Schnibbles. Mine is on the cover of the pattern. :-)

Kris said...

What a cute little Bunny!!!!!!!
xo Kris

Hildy said...

Thnk you and Sherri for hosting this great parade with all these beautiful quilts! Can't wait to start with Morning Joe:-)

OPQuilt said...

Very cute bunny to lead us off at the top of the Schnibbles parade. It's fun to read about all the quilters jumping in to make this Schnibbles, and to see that nearly all of us made fewer, larger blocks.

Thanks very much for hosting all of the quilts and photos and linking up to blogs--I appreciate it.

Elizabeth E.

T Holzer said...

Clover is such an eye pleasing quilt. Thanks Sinta and Sherri for hosting AYOS!

Dee said...

This quilt is so pretty in all the different fabrics choices. and I think everyone outdid themselves with their photography settings this month! Although it sounds like it was a little frustrating to make at times, it looks like it was worth it. It's definitely on my to-do list.

Kim said...

I LOVE all these quilts this month! And you know it's a good pattern from Carrie when it looks great "dressed" in anything--LOL! Thanks for hosting this, Sinta and Sherri!

Michele said...

I can't wait to get to Morning Joe! This was a great parade! Thanks for hosting :-) What cute bunny pictures! I'm sure you had a great time :-)

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Evie is adorable!

Jeanna said...

All beautiful quilts! So many different fabrics...

Little Evie was the cutest bunny ever! Love the little tail :)

Unknown said...

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