Monday, December 2, 2013

Bring On The Parade... and A Cup of Jo

I'm so sorry for the parade delay! 
I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday weekend!
Mine started out perfect... lots of food and family. 
And it's so fun to have little ones here under foot during the kitchen kayos.
An added bonus for a growing family.

My DDIL and I did take the leap and drive to the big city
to partake in the shopping madness... however, the last couple of days
have had me down with the flu and feeling less than human.
I think I have it kicked now though... aside from the aching bones!

Sherri and I are not announcing a project for December. 
I think that we usually do this. Things are busy enough for everyone!
We will announce the next Vintage Schnibbles on January 1st! 

 We have a beautiful day with clear skies... So let's start this parade!

Grab yourself a cup of Morning Jo; we are ready to begin.

Marti from Aunt Marti's blog made up a sweet little table runner of
Morning Jo here! She calls it Cuppa Jo! Cute!!!

Michelle at Island Life Quilts has made a gorgeous "low-volume" version #2 of
Morning Jo. It just sparkles!

Nancy made sweet version of version #1 here with the fabric group Giggles!
This is one I would love to curl up under!

Patty at A Stitch In Time blog made a lovely 4 block version that she is calling Snowflake!
Isn't is so sweet? Did you notice the color placement on each block?
It's very pretty with the controlled palate.

Paulette (no blog) made a beautiful version of Morning Jo using
a soft and sweet color palate.

Here is a lovely Morning Jo made by Polly from Aunt Polly's Porch.
It is stunning Polly! She found a nice grey flannel for the backing to make it extra cozy!

This is Morning Jo created by Sandy F.(no blog)
It has a warm and traditional holiday look. 
She used her stash of snowmen prints for this Schnibbles.
I like the solid border too! 

Satu was inspired by Morning Jo, and although she did not make hers...
she came up with beautiful holiday greeting cards...
isn't that so clever?

Wendy made her sweet little table topper of Charlevoix by Minick and Simpson collection. 
She also sent out an invite for coffee after the parade! LOL

Sue B. made a  beautiful and vibrant version of Morning Jo from Happy Go Lucky here!
I love how this one looks so crisp and charming. She decided to trim her blocks a tad bit larger...
I think it turned out great!

Sue made a beautiful Jo here!  I love the scrappy frame on this version and
the gorgeous colors against the black background! This version of Morning Jo was created by Sue... Wendy's sewing partner.
Hop on over to Wendy's blog to read more about their sewing adventures!

Please fill up your cup and head on over to see more of Morning Jo over at Sherri's A Quilting Life blog!
You won't want to miss any of these beautiful Schnibbles quilts!

On another note...
I have a son who travels a lot. I had an idea for a wall of framed postcards for his birthday which happens to be right before Christmas... I was wondering if any of
you from far away places that are reading this would be willing to send me a post card from your area of the world. I would be happy to send you my address. 
I would love it to look something like this.
Funny, the last person you send a post card to in your travels is yourself! 

21 friends stopped by to chat:

Auntie Pami said...

I may some extras from my Navy travels

JoAnne said...

All the Morning Joes are so great! I love the parade. I'm glad you are feeling better, too! I can see if I still have a PC from Hawaii--otherwise I can send one from Virginia if you want.

Sherri said...

The quilts are all so beautiful! Hope you are feeling much better!

Aunt Marti said...

Oh oops, I didn't realize the photo I sent was not of the finished quilt. Really, I finished it! (Calculating the sashing strips was sort of tricky.)

Anonymous said...

Loved the parade! All were outstanding.

Michele said...

Glad you are feeling better Sinta :-) Being sick is no fun :-( What a nice parade! Thanks for putting it together. Now go and rest :-)

Patty said...

great parade! everyone did so well!

Gerri said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, Sinta. I could send you a Chicago post card if you would like.

inese said...

I can send you one from Guadalajara Mexico. Hope you feel better soon, Sinta!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

So sorry you were under the weather! Lovely parade. Thanks for doing all you do!~ I love that we are taking December off. ;-) LOL

Just Sew Sue said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend. I'd happily send a postcard from Jersey. And in January I could even send you one from Guernsey. :)

Beausoleil Quilts said...

Hi Sinta. I am in New Zealand. I am happy to send a postcard or two.

Hildy said...

Glad to hear you're better!
Love all the Joe's it's a great parade! I honestly I'm glad for not sewing a Schnibbles this month;-)
I've you send me your address I'm more than happy to send you a few postcards from Munich and I think I have some from Greece and Turkey, too.
Hugs, Hildy

gailss said...

Glad you are feeling better Sinta and the parade is GREAT! I would love to send a postcard from Connecticut if you would like...let me know.

Mary Caldwell said...

Another beautiful parade~! I love looking at all the gorgeous quilts. I ran out of time and didn't get mine done :(. Looking forward to January.

Satu said...

Hopefully you managed to beat the flu, Sinta Renee! Again a huge parade... and I did get a lot of more inspiration of them both! I think the wall of postcards is a wonderful idea... so I'm happy to post you one from Finland! Do you like it to be a blanco one, that you can add your own wishes on it?

annieB said...

Love the parade, happy to send a card from W A

sandra said...

Hi I can send you a postcard from Australia, south Australia to be exact. Loved the quilts!!

NancyNoBlog said...

I love a parade - especially a quilt parade. Glad you are feeling better!

Judy said...

Everyone did an awesome job on their Morning Joe! Loved seeing all the different version! Thank you for putting on a wonderful parade. Glad to hear you are feeling better, Sinta.

Sarah said...

Hi Sinta, I can send you a postcard from South Australia, Australia too. However, it possibly wouldn't get to you in time for Christmas though. Lovely parade as always. I think Sues with the black background is my favourite. I hope you are feeling better. I've been sick this spring with sinus, coughing aches and pains type things as well. It's not good, and unusual coz I rarely get sick.