Wednesday, December 11, 2013

MIdweek Mosaic: Decorating the Tree

This tree was quite an adventure from the beginning!
I managed to get a 9' tree inside my car to start with.
I didn't want it on top because it was dark and I was afraid to have to fix something
in route on my way home. But that is only the beginning. Getting it out of the
car was a whole other story! I nearly met my match! I am so glad no one was watching...
or listening, when my butt hit the horn! I tried from the front seat, then the back seat...
which was interesting... then finally pulling it out from the back of the SUV.
Then, when I had it all decorated with it's 15 strands of lights....
I took a break for a few, and when I came back into the room...
90 percent of the lights blew out!
Two days later, I was back on track!
Did I mention that I pulled my back out while this was going on?
But it was all worth it!

Thanks so much for helping me find that pattern of Jovial in my last post! I am tickled pink to have it in my collection... and to top things off I saw the new fabric from Sweetwater today!
It might just be the perfect fabric for that pattern!

It's called Wishes!
How sweet is that?
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5 friends stopped by to chat:

Auntie Pami said...

Crazy girl! Sure is pretty!

Darlene said...

Pictures of you and your tree have gone viral. LOL

I love, love, love Wishes. Must order it soon.

Jeanna said...

What an adventure....but so worth as it is a beautiful tree! Thanks Sinta, for the mid-week mosiac!

Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

OK - I'll stop laughing now Sinta - because I know it's not nice of me to laugh -- but your story is just too funny! I hope your back is better. I love the tree and can't wait to see what's on the sewing machine next. Take care. Karen on Keuka

Sarah said...

Pretty tree! I'm laughing at the butt hitting the car horn. It's something I would do, and hey it's better to laugh than cry. I only every put one strand of lights on my tree, but I do love lights. Next year I think I might add more. Don't know why I've never thought of doing it before. Stuck in tradition maybe.