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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Crazy Mini Parade!

So were you thinking "am I crazy to making these mini's? Or 
were you loving the cute little things?
I myself muttered under my breath a bit... but liked the challenge AND
the cute little finished product!
Much like high heels... if they are cute... they are worth it!

Do you know what else is CRAZY?
May 1, 2013 was our first parade of AYOS: Vintage Schnibbles!

That means... our last parade should have been April 1st.
Now we even went further with a bonus mini using Thimble Blossoms
I guess we were just having too much fun!
But let's go one further....
Sherri and I have one more Schnibbles picked out...
and we will make it our last project for this series of Vintage Schnibbles.

And since it will be our last (don't worry)...
let's go out with a bang...
Our next AYOS project is "X Rated"... yes, it's X RATED! 

It's the cover quilt on this book but Carrie also has
the individual pattern available on her site for mail or
instant download. 
I had been thinking small but if you have the book and you want to super size it...
by all means... be my guest! I might just do that myself!
Amazon has the book available also.

Now... let me explain... June 1 will be our last parade of this series
of AYOS: Vintage Schnibbles.

Sherri and I decided to take the summer off. 

September 1 we will announce our plans for the next
series of Another Year of Schnibbles and we will
have a parade! But of what you ask???
We are going to give you the summer to complete any of the AYOS projects
that you started buy might not have finished (like me) (Morning Jo and Clover)
We can start the new year of all our quilts from the last year! 
Instead of a grand finale` we will have a grand beginning!

Okay, I hope all of that was clear.

Let's begin the Thimble Blossom Mini Parade!

Here is my Puddle Jump!
I had fun with this little one... but I am not stopping here!
I have a few more I am going to continue to make...
now that I am on a roll!

Lisa at Stashmaster blog made a beautiful citrus colored Swoon...
but that is not all... 
you have to go read about her master plan for these cutie blocks over
on her blog! You are going to love it!

Sue over at Just so Sue blog whipped up 
her little Rainy Day mini in a heartbeat!
She had it made and quilted right after we announced the
AYOS project for the month!
Then she got to look at it all month on her cute little quilt stand! 
So clever!

Lynn created the sweetest Spool mini from 
Camille's pattern. It looks like it's the perfect
spot for it right there! Made from Scrumptious fabrics. 

Here is a beautiful Spool mini made by 
Mary at Needled Mom blog. I love the colors and the grey too!

Here is a bright and beautiful Swoon... so
dramatic! Don't you think that the background fabric is
super fun? This was created by Michele at Island Life Quilts blog.

Here is a beautiful version of Swoon... Patriotic theme
made by Michelle. I love the look of a quilt hanging outside!

Here is a gorgeous Puddle Jump made by
I love the look and how it's quilted!

Round About was made by Patty at A Stitch In Time blog.
This is so adorable! The quilting is awesome to.
Don't you love this one?

Here is a lovely red white and blue Swoon!
It is the perfect mini to make for the holiday!
This one was created by Paulette!

Here is a happy and sweet little one! This is Round and Round
made by Peggy. Here quilting is cheerful too!

I love this version of what Polly picked for her mini pattern.
It's like confetti! This mini was made by Aunt Polly's Porch.
I don't think she was a fan of these mini projects but
I think it's gorgeous!

Sandie at Crazy 'bout Quilts made a red and white version of Round and Round!
What a fun idea! I could see a whole wall of two colored mini's!
What do you think?

Sally went all out and made a beautiful little Spool mini
but didn't stop there....

she made this super cute Puddle Jump too!
It is adorable all quilted and on a stand!

Sue made a fun version of Round and Round... in bright colors and
then went all creative and turned the little mini into a lovely tote bag!
You are awesome Sue!

Tell me that these two mini's are not adorable!
I love the background on Round and Round and 
the little Puddle Jump extremely sweet!
These were created by Susan S. 

Here is a beautiful little Spool mini made by
Tilda out of Sweet Pea fabrics by KT.
This is most defiantly a must have for your sewing room!

Wendy went above and beyond when she set out
to make Round and Round!
The little embroidery in the center is very sweet!

Here is Wendy's whole quilt! 
This one is designated for the sewing studio!
You can read more about Sue and Wendy's quilts over at
her blog, It Is What It Is.

I hope you enjoyed this parade and that you see all the quilts over at Sherri's parade too!
I know I can't wait to see them!!! 
Thank you to Camille for spicing up our lives with these sweet little patterns! From the 
comments I got... everyone liked them a lot and thought the patterns were easy to follow.
And they want more!!! Just an FYI! ha

11 friends stopped by to chat:

Kris said...

Such beautiful quilts!!!
xo Kris

Just Sew Sue said...

That's a lot of great projects. I have the book so I might start cutting today as part of Friday Night with Friends.

Hildy said...

Love the mini parade! And the new pattern is great have the book and I will start with it tonight:-)

Needled Mom said...

I always love seeing the different variations of the same pattern. Beautiful minis!

Izzy said...

Such a gorgeous bunch of minis! I haven't been participating lately because I just didn't have time, but I am seriously temped by a big X-Rated! I already made a small one. :-)

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

What a wonderful parade! And i really like the idea of taking the summer off~ it seems like summer is just too busy to get much sewing done here. Have a happy Friday!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Great parade! Saw a few that I would like to make for myself.

Barbietee said...

Wow....beautiful little mini parade. Im not sure that I could even narrow it down if I had to pick favorites.?? I love them all. So looking forward to adding to my mini collection. Great idea for summer break. Will look forward to see what challenges await us this fall

Satu said...

I do love them all!! So sweet little things and all are especially beautifully presented and photographed. I'm not sure, if I'll have time to be in next month either, but I'll try;o)

Michele said...

This was such a fun parade :-) Very tiny quilts! Great idea to take the summer off and do some finishing :-)

Angie Lim said...

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