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Friday, February 13, 2015

Take A Breather!

 I'm asking myself...
how is it that I did not see this "Quilter's Calendar"?
Then I wonder... is it too late to get a copy???
Isn't that the cutest quilt and dog?
ha ha ha!

I have been busy with special projects... and I can now say that I have
those all finished! 
I was challenging myself to get 4 quilts done 
in a month... but 
I did it. 

However, I can't show you any of them yet! 
I think that one or two
of the quilts got done and packaged 
and then mailed before I even took a photo
of them. 
The one thing I still need to get working on though is
my AYOS project for this month!
It's the Fig Tree Jumping Jacks mini.. have you started yours yet?

I have plans for the weekend... so I think I will be turning out
the light in my sewing room for a few days and
giving it a rest... by that I mean me. 

I did do a tiny bit of playing on the Cake pattern this week

I think it will be fun... with a little Valentine's flavor to it.

Here is a little snapshot of some of my mother's recipes.
(sorry, can't seem to rotate it)

Little by little I have been going through her things and
I thought it was a good time to 
 go through her recipes and divide them up 
for my sister's and myself. 
Well, most will go to my younger sister and
I mailed some to my older sister
 as a  little Valentine's gift from "mom".
But these few were just so funny to me that 
I had to take a picture of them.
Beet Jello? Grasshopper Pie? Brier Patch Molasses Cookies?
The names make them sound like hillbilly cuisine.
They must all be 50's - 60"s specialty dishes!

Wishing  you all a  great holiday weekend and a
happy Valentine's with all the special "some one's" in your lives!

8 friends stopped by to chat:

Kristen King said...

My grandma used to make grasshopper pie, and if it is the same was yummy! :)

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Grasshopper pie! Bring it on!

Needled Mom said...

I love all of the old recipe cards - especially the soiled ones. You know they are well used.

Aunt TC said...

Cute! If you still have the Molasses Cookie recipe, please share it. My grandmother made delicious molasses cookies with a circle of jam in the middle. As she cooked using a big wood burning stove, I always felt she had extra love baked into them. My mom made molasses cookies, too, but she didn't have my grandmother's recipe. Hers were good but no one has her recipe. Thanks.

Hildy said...

Happy Valentine to you, too!
I've already finished all my flags for the Jumping Jack, now just need to put it together and quilt it.
I love old recipes it's so great to look at the handwriting and believe it or not most of my xmas cookies recipes are past down a long line and about 80 yo ... and still yummy (although with less sugar now).

Jen Barnard said...

I think grasshopper pie is based on a cocktail of the same name, chocolate and mint flavoured if I remember right. I think the mane comes from the bright colour.


yea--I want one of those calendars too--but then I wonder if I would ever get any sewing done!!
I have some old recipes to-but not a fancy name on them like yours!!

Delores said...

My mom made and won several awards for her beet jelly- like a jam. It was good. I envy your handwritten recipes.... On spoon flower you can make tea towels with them I wanted to make se for my sisters but couldn't find any of my mom's that would work.