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Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Super Bowl Half Time Parade of AYOS!

I have to say that I miss Miss Rosie terribly 
and as much as it doesn't seem right not
to have a Schnibbles pattern for our monthly AYOS choice... 

I do really love the way we branched out this month
 and used a tutorial from
Julia at My Rain Boots Are Red blog.
I think you are going to love this parade today too!
In case you are inspired... here is the link to the 
Kaleidoscope tutorial that Julia shared on her blog.
Here is a picture of her original mini quilt.

If you haven't tried making a Kaleidoscope quilt yet... I hope
you will try it. It was a lot of fun to make.

I think that you will also like our pick for next month's challenge!

I know several people have already made the large version of Jumping Jack
by Fig Tree and Company, and you can see one made by
Greg here and information on a whole 
Instagram quilt along for the full sized Jumping Jack quilt here.

So I think the mini version of this one is one you will have a lot of fun with!
I just couldn't resist any longer!
I haven't made mine yet
 so I will be anxious to sew along with you on this one!
I am pretty swayed by Greg's "PKM fabrics" he used but I still have to decide.

Here are the specifics for the pattern... and the link to where you
can purchase the mini Jumping Jacks if you don't already have it.

Are you more than ready to get away from the Super Bowl game and
see the parade of the Mini Kaleidoscope quilts?

Let's start then...
because I am dying to show you!

Mary... Oh my Mary! This is just adorable! 
I love your spin on this 
mini Kaleidoscope... the framing and the binding sets it off perfectly!

Next up is...

Michelle! She made a gorgeous two color version of our mini Kaleidoscope 
pick of the month!
 It is beautiful... I love how my eye is drawn to the center
and then to the 4 blocks surrounding it!

I love this version of the Kaleidoscope quilt ala mini made by 
Patty at A Stitch In Time blog.
 The solids are beautiful and she topped it off 
with the circle quilting... 
for a stunning modern look!!!

Polly at Aunt Polly's Porch whipped this gorgeous
 Kaleidoscope mini quilt up 
super fast... and the colors are brilliant! 
You always amaze me Polly!

This sweet little red and white version of the Kaleidoscope quilt pattern
was made by Peg at Stitchin with Peg blog!
She managed to play along this month even though she has a sweet little baby Olivia that captures most of her attention!
This is going to be perfect for
any holiday that has red and white in it.... hmmm, do we know of any coming up?

Michele at Island Life Quilts blog created an adorable version
of the pattern here... it looks so soft and cuddly doesn't it?
Is it the fabric or the quilting? Or both?

Hildy's beautiful little Kaleidoscope got missed!
And it is not one to be missed!!!
You are going to love this one... even if we are showing it a day late!

I love it! So sorry Hildy!

Sherri's parade has more gorgeous versions of the Kaleidoscope mini...
so if you haven't been there already, just hop on over now! Oh, and read the 
 previous post from  Sherri also! 
Spoiler alert:
She has the cutest mini on the cover of 
the new Quilts and More magazine!

8 friends stopped by to chat:

dream quilt create said...

What pretty little minis! I'm so amazed by how different each one is!!! i loved your post :)

Hildy said...

Love everyone's mini they're ll great!

Cathy said...

What beautiful quilts. I'm going to have to try this one. Hugs

Thimbleanna said...

They're all beautiful! What a fun little mini-quilt!

Michele said...

Lovely parade! Great quilts!

Needled Mom said...

I love all of the variations with this design and the different fabrics. I think this month's pattern is going to be fabulous too. I can't wait to start on it.

Judy said...

Beautiful parade!

greg @ grey dogwood studio said...

I can't wait to see what everybody makes with the mini Jumping Jacks! Would you believe that I still need to add the simple outer border with a Tanya Whelan paisley? Yikes, I can procrastinate!