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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My World of Pink and Forest Green

Did you know?

Today is National Pink Day!

 I'm not sure I can contain PINK to just one day!

Here are some photos from my Pretty.Pink board on

Pink is just going to have to share the spotlight today because
I am adding forest green... 
for a good reason...

There is a photo of our local Hot Shots. 
They are the Crane Valley Hot Shots 
aka Dirty Birds...
(remember Heckle and Jeckle cartoons, they were the original Dirty Birds)

 My son is a part of this crew for 8 years now
 maybe 10, I can't keep track.

That's him there...
the only one that is facing forward.
They are down in Southern California
at the Lake Fire in San Bernadino County.
They are having a morning briefing and then out to "work"!
This is a photo from U.S. News and World Report. You can read about
California fires there. The fire is roughly 27 square miles in size.
Nearly 2,000 fire fighters are working this fire...
they are amazing!
That's why my other favorite color is forest green!

8 friends stopped by to chat: said...

I LOVE your pink board :) Me, I'm not a big fan of pink but with the recent addition of Olivia to our family, I'm using pink more often in little things for her.


Jeanna said...

The pink is nice but I am praying for that green and dirty birds. Fire season to hurricane season...just no where to go.

Many thanks to,your brave son for taking on this job.

Carol said...

Forest green - for good reason! Thank goodness for people like your son. In British Columbia 90% of our forest fire budget for the year is already spent. It's a bad year for fires.

Hildy said...

Just one day for pink is not enough although I'm not a girlie girl there's definitly some pink in my life:-)
We don't have this big fire problems in Germany because there's too much rain here just a few days in summer there's normally a warning that people should be careful. Sometimes it's good to live in a country with not so hot summers.

Thimbleanna said...

PINK!!! I LOVE PINK! And Green too -- especially outside. I can't imagine living with the fire threat that you guys have in CA -- Good Luck to your son -- it sounds very scary!

sunny said...

A PINK sailboat? How awesome. We saw some pink kayaks when we were up in the Finger Lakes a couple of weeks ago. Hmmm...I think I'll work on a pink project today! Prayers for the safety of the Hotshots.

Needled Mom said...

Many thanks to your son for all he does to keep us safe. Love the pinks too!

Anonymous said...

I realize I am so late on this one...just found your blog. Anyway please tell your son thank you for his and the other firefighters help on The Lake Fire. My husband and I live in Redlands and are a quick 15 minutes away from our beloved mountains. We go up there several times a week and are hoping (still) to buy a home up there. Wildlife is already returning to the burned out areas, along with new growth spotted here and there.

We are not looking forward to returning to our favorite spots, as it will be heartbreaking. Just wanted your son to know that those of us who live near and in the mountains know the dangers, and so appreciate them putting their life on the line to save so much.

For those who have never been to the San Gorgonio Mountain/San Bernadino National need to come visit. It has some of the most beautiful and interesting topography. The trees growing straight out of rock never cease to amaze me.

blessings, jill