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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Glisten Quilt Along and other group sewing

I'm backtracking to remember what I did over the weekend...
besides clean out closets!
One thing that I did was to pick the fabric collection for 
this quilt along by Clover & Violet.
I have been hoarding my Gardenvale fabrics... and was trying to 
decide between these and Christmas fabrics for Glisten.
Gardenvale won out... but I am kind of thinking about
making at least a table runner size out of the Holiday fabrics using
the same pattern.

I  cut out 8 stockings for Christmas. Four for the grandchildren. 
There are two more in the family since last year!
I made some new ones that actually coordinate for the "girls" in 
the family also. 

I worked on this little seasonal quilt project that Lori Holt 
shared on her blog last week to 
You can find the tutorial at Bee In My Bonnet.

Another little task was on the agenda...

I needed to put bindings on these quilts.
The two in front I had made...
but my DDIL claimed them and had them quilted
along with the quilt she made behind them.
The catch was... "as a birthday present" she asked me to 
bind them for her. 
(She's a smart girl)! ha
That was a year ago. 
 So I knew I had to step on it and have them ready for her
on THIS birthday!

Mission accomplished!

I also got reacquainted with my Vintage Farm Girl Blocks.
I made one for my group of blocks and one to give
 a blog friend and a Bees Knees quilting group member, 
...who is making a whole quilt out of this block!

Two hens a-laying... 
I have really been getting into the holiday spirit! 
I have already started listening to Christmas music...
and I am anxious to start the decorating!

(maybe just a few pine cones... subtle vignettes to start with)!

5 friends stopped by to chat:

Hildy said...

Wow, you were really busy this weekend! I'm not in the holiday spirit yet perhaps when the temperatures are getting cooler;-)

Needled Mom said...

You have been busy. LOVE your rendition of two hens a laying!!

Cascade Quilts said...

You have been busy busy! Love everything, especially the two quilts you finished binding. Binding is actually one of my favorite things about quilting - not because I love the process (not so much), but it means the quilt is SO CLOSE to complete! I could never bare to see a quilted quilt left unbound - I have always put binding on them almost immediately after I finish quilting because I am so anxious for it to be a finish! I used to sew the binding on, then hand finish it to the backside, but my hand sewing is a snails pace, so for the last few years I have been completely machine sewing them on :)

Penny said...

You have been busy & inspiring me to get busy, also! Thank you for sharing your wonderful blocks & quilts & your thoughts on Christmas spirit. Now you have given me the Christmas spirit & I thank you!!

Lorri said...

Very inspiring! I love your quilt blog!