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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Winding Up My Week

Well, first of all I wanted to share a photo of Elsea.
This is Evelyn's little sister and she is 10 months old today!
She has the sweetest little personality.
Such a blessing in every way!

I got happy mail today!
I missed out on the Yuletide BOM last year by
Fig Tree and Company.
Somehow, this year I got lucky...
not only was Joanna doing a repeat of the block of the month...
but somehow,
I was lucky enough to join... they usually sell out so 
So, my nagging thought is that I need to get back to my "BOM Rehab".
A dedicated weekend where I just concentrate on keeping caught up with my
block of the month projects.
I even have a button on my sidebar for it.
So, yes, that's what I'm going to do to keep myself on track!

Anybody else feel the need???

I was looking for some fabric in the stash closet when I 
came upon this unfinished top.
I instantly put two and two together...
because of this book I had had in my hands earlier...

My project was made out of Minick and Simpson fabrics... and on their site they shared 
about their row in this fun book by Moda! Published by Martingale. (I had blogged about it a couple weeks ago)
Anyway... I am thinking that I could make those cute sand pails and add them in the alternate block area of my topper!

It's just too cute, right?

My goal this year was to finish an old project along with every new project.
I have already declared my two at the first of the month... but it seems two more

have popped in on my list.
This is Morning Glory but it might just remain a baby quilt.

Here is my progress on my Outlined Plus.
I have all the plus units ready to go now... so I will be gaining 
speed... oh, but wait, I just remembered I forgot to order more background 
 OK, stay tuned! I've got this!

I thought I would show you a photo of Lottie.
Whenever I'm outside, she stands guard... 
keeping an eye out for those nasty Coyotes!
If you remember, earlier last summer, her brother 
had a bad encounter with one. 

I will be heading to the beach for the holiday weekend! I am so excited! 
We have a house rented in Santa Cruz and my whole family  will
coming... all the way down to the youngest grand daughter... Elsea.
I'll be in Heaven!

7 friends stopped by to chat:

Loris said...

Love the bucket idea! Have fun at the coast. Your grand daughter is adorable 😊

Helen L said...

I know the feeling about BOM's: I've got so many!! :-) Love your kitty keeping watch! :-) And enjoy your time in Santa Cruz: I hope the weather is great for you!! Hugs, H

Hildy said...

I love your bucket idea I'm sure it'll look great. Perhaps that why you kept this quilt unfinished ... to have the perfect idea now (please let me believe so there's still hope for my WIP pile;-)
Have a great weekend at the beach I'm sure Lottie will guard the house while you're away!

Anonymous said...

Real cutie pie, that one. You can never have enough pictures of them at this age. Super excited about a renewal of BOM REHAB! I remember that was when I first noticed your blog and thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone's progress. I am addicted to BOM projects.

Needled Mom said...

What a cutie she is!!! Have a wonderful time at the beach. You have some lofty goals for the year ahead. Have fun. said...

Think I will be borrowing your idea on the bom weekend. Really like it.
Kathleen Mary

Cheryl said...

Your outlined plus blocks look great!!