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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Grow and Grow Some More

I was able to play with the new fabric group by Me and My Sister
over the weekend!
It's called Grow!

I knew that I was going to use a pattern from the Pre-cut Primer
booklet that they came out with last fall. 
The pattern is Grade 10.
Fun and easy!
It didn't take long at all before the fabric was cut and
the blocks were being whipped up!

 Of course there was a little bit of help...

from a very sassy kitty.
(the first cat I have ever had that is just a pill
of a personality.. I know she wants to be nice... but
she just has a hard time with that).

 Since it rained like crazy over the weekend...

I was able to get the blocks made and 
the sashing done! 
I think the fabric was extra inspiring because it
was so happy... a contrast to a dreary wet day.


Have you seen on the Me and My Sister blog
that each month they feature a pattern at a discount price?
This month is Milky Way.
It looks like a fun one!

Sunday I was in the kitchen... 
working on the wedding cake!
I got half of the twelve layers done!

And even some home made pizza dough!
Needless to say, I don't need a picture here...
just visualize me covered in flour from head to toe! 

Tonight I have a date with the Pioneer Woman!

8 friends stopped by to chat:

Kris said...

I love this fabric too Sinta! I a, smitten with happy colors!!! Are younfreezing the cake layers as you go? What a job! I know, cuz I have done a couple weddings!!!
Cute little sassy kitty!
XO Kris

gailss said...

Making good progress and nice to have a helper in the sewing room....keeps us real!!

Grannycanqyuilt said...

Lucky you. Layer cakes and a date with Ree. I'm hungry and jealous at the same time.

Patty said...

The blocks do look happy! I am quite interested in your progress in creating this wedding cake.


I love those colors in that fabric line--right up my alley!! and the patterns look neat too-may have to look into both!!
food sounds good too--
love and laughter,di

Hildy said...

Great patterns and fabrics and your kitty helper is the best:-) Yummy cake is always a good idea and I can't wait to see a photo of the finished cake!

Jeanna said...

Grow - gorgeous fabrics and I love the pattern. Milky Way looks like an interesting pattern. I'm looking for something to make with a layer cake...hmmm. I'll check it out.

QuiltSue said...

I've not seen the fabric (in the UK we are usually about 6 months behind it seems) but it certainly looks like "happy" fabric.