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Friday, September 3, 2010

Bringing Up The Rear for the Charming Girls Club!

Somewhere along the line I forgot to show my checklist for the Charming Girls Club finishes for July/August.
I just can't imagine what I have been doing (hehe).
So to start with:
My Fig Tree Club quilt "Crossroads".

I finished my pincushion for my swap partner. Actually two, two for her and another two for me!
I finished a challenge quilt.

I made up a Schnibble.

not just one but two Schibbles.

I completed & sent a tote bag to my swap partner.
I made a red one for me too!
I completed my Due South/North quilt. Sorry I am bad with directions!

As far as the "self help" theme of things to accomplish:
On that list:
I did start reading... haven't finished the book yet... but I'm working on it.
I have started to pack some lunches.

What I didn't get done was writing up my recipes. My hold up with that is that there are the recipe cards. I write big. I mean big and bubbly. I can't figure out how I am suppose to get one recipe on one card.

And then the other thing I didn't do was my FQS BOM's.  Maybe this weekend.
What would I do with a completed list anyway?
Hope everyone has a wonderful & long fun filled weekend!

17 friends stopped by to chat:

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

You have been one busy person! I don't see how you were able to complete all of those projects in a two month time period! Love everything you made!!!

Rebecca P said...

You have been a busy bee. Love the schnibles, they are so pretty.
Your pincushion is darling, & love your bag. a girl can never have enough bags.

Jonathan said...

Sinta, I just ♥ everything you made! All your quilts are so gorgeous!
Don't feel bad about being late either. Your not the last one to post finishes- I just barely posted mine;-)

Polly said...

Holy Bat-Belt girl! You got a ton of stuff done! And you're not the last to post... I've not done mine yet, either...sigh... going back to work sucks... literally sucks the energy right out of me...and this darm cold doens't help either! Congrats on all those finishes!! Gorgeous!! Polly

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Gee - wonder what you've been doing LOL! Seriously Sinta - your quilts are always such an inspiration to me! I just love the fabrics you choose - and the patterns too! Keep up the good work! Oh, P.S. - Completed lists really are over-rated!

Cindy said...

When do any of us finish our list? Beautiful work. Love it all!

Deborah said...

All the finishes are beautiful! You certainly completed alot.

Deborah said...

All the finishes are beautiful! You certainly completed alot.

julia said...

Hey Sinta!
Congrats on meeting nearly all goals...! Those which you met are gorgeous! Love all the Schnibbles, turtles and the Crossroad quilt.
Hgus, Julia

Carol said...

What fantastic finishes got tons and tons truly are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Dang....where do you find all this time? You see...I need more and am hoping somebody will tell me where I can get it. (likely get off blogland for a bit right? But then I wouldn't see all your pretties!!) You've done a fantastic job and of course I enjoy seeing it all! Enjoy your weekend girl!

Darlene said...

I'd say you were very productive - beautiful projects,

Cindy said...

Wonderful finishes, Sinta.
You truly got ALOT done - way to go!!

Ariane said...

Wow! You were really busy this summer. Such wonderful projects!!!

Stina Blomgren said...

That is a lot done!!! And all pretty stuff..:O))

Jean said...

You need to get a recipe folder book! You can write the recipe as big as you want on an entire page, put it into a page sleeve and use front and back if you need it! That way they are all together and in a binder that will be protected from splatters too! Do what works for you!

Dandelion Quilts said... have the best projct choices and fabrics. I love them all...but I must admit I adore the turtle.