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Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's the Leap Year Schnibbles Parade!

Happy July!
Hurrah for the Red White and Blue!

I am so excited to tell you what the next Schnibbles pattern 
will be for Another Year of Schnibbles!
You are going to love it!
Do you know, how I know?
It's because this month...
get to pick the pattern!
That's right.
Big or small, new or old.
You pick!
You can choose any of Carrie's patterns that you have been wanting to do
or one that you would like to do over.
OR... here's a thought...
is there a Schnibbles made by someone else that you saw in one of the parades that inspired you and
you have been wanting to make? 
Here is your chance!
And if you saw on Carrie's storefront... she has her new patterns up.
That includes Bounce.
I am in love with Bounce! It's not a small one... but it would definitely be one
to make! In fact, it is on my list!!!
Is it on yours?
I picked Hot Cross for my project
(because I did it before the new patterns came out)!
I had some left over layer cake squares of California Girl
from when I made Boardwalk by Fig Tree & Co.

Stina has been a part of the first couple of AYOS we did and I always
loved her work. I made Hot Cross because I still remember hers from 
Even though I didn't copy hers (this time) I thought it was inspiring.
I love what she did with the pattern. 

Are you ready to start the parade?
Okay, get ready for some major inspiration here!
Here comes Leap Year! To start....

Here is a bold and beautiful version by Nancy G.

 Here is a sweet Leap Year made by Patty at A Stitch in Time.
She has named it "Potato Chip". Yes, I have to agree!

 LeAnn made her Leap Year with Blueberry Crumb Cake fabric... 
that would be perfect as a picnic quilt!

Here is a beautiful version made by Meredith!
It makes me want to make another!

This one is pretty "swanky" made by Vicki!
Love the large border... it frames her quilt so nice.

Here is Leap Year by Leah at Quilted Delights blog.
Another beauty!!!

This Leap Year is just gorgeous... actually she named it "Sparkle"
and the model is such a sweeetie pie!
This Schnibble was created by Patricia.

This is such a fun pattern and I love the white background
with the bright colors here.
This was made by Sandy at Sandy's Show and Tell. 

 Fun color combinations here! This Leap Year was
made using Santorini  by Sue

 This Leap Year was especially made by Terrie.
Love it!

And here we have Leap Year and this 
version was created by Trelli!

Nicole at Sister's Choice whipped up her version of Leap Year
using Farmers Market. It's so sweet...
and Nicole is going to hand quilt this one!

Mary from Quilt Hollow created her
beautifully rich version. I love the Civil War 
feel of the quilt.

Sandy F made this wonderful version of
Leap Year... I think of confetti! Very festive.

Here is a beauty from the Cuddle Quilter, 
 Lesley's Leap Year. 
The colors are dreamy! Love that combo.

This is a beautiful Leap Year by Sharon
Love the French General fabrics.

Here is a gorgeous Leap Year... this one was
made by May Kristin at Krispquilts!

This is Leap Year Gone Wild!
Paulette tapped into her wild side and used 
a fun print for her blocks!

Thelma at Cupcakes n Dasies is all dressed up...
and has someplace to go!
This is called Date Night!
Complete with heels and a little black bag.

Here is a sweet version of Leap Year
in 30's fabrics! It reminds me of Saltwater Taffy!
This was created by Mary at Gwendies Quilts blog.

This bright happy Leap Year was made by Marti
at 52 Quilts blog! Looks like she had fun making this!
nO...we aren't done yet... a few more spectacular quilts to see...

 Michelle at Island Life Quilts made this one! 

Polly at Aunt Polly's Porch made her Leap Year using Batik's and
made it into a table runner. Gorgeous.

This beauty is from Shannon. This was a great use of her scraps.
Oh, by the way, Shannon is having a giveaway.

This Leap Year is over the top wonderful.
I had the hardest time getting the photo to come through
and I was awe struck when I finally got to see it.
This was created by Sue. Bravo!

This is Leap Year made by Wendy.
I love the photo. The sun light is shining on it--
illuminating it.

This is such a sweet version of Leap Year made in a plus size by Hildy.

If you haven't already been over to A Quilting Life to see the rest of the parade
please go take a peek!
Thank you Carrie for a fun and free pattern for us to play with!
Thank you all for being in the parade! I can't wait to see what you come up with next month!

On another note... today starts the Red White and Blue Blog Hop
It is being hosted by Jane at Jane's Fabrics
Every day through July
there will be blogs to visit that will have patterns
for a red white and blue block
for you to make. There will be 100 total!!!
You will want to check it out.
In fact a few of our people in the Schnibbles parade today have
blocks to share with you on the blog hop,
Sharon aka Vrooman's Quilts,
 Lesley aka Cuddle Quilter, and Mary on Lake Polaski.. 

16 friends stopped by to chat:

Cheryl said...

Love all the Leap wonderful and so many. Think I am tempted to do Spot...Crafty Carol did one out of Modern Vintage, and I love that fabric. Thanks to you and Sherri for this wonderful group.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, just awe inspiring! Each parade is more lovely.

Mary said...

Everyone did a great job - again! I can't get over how many there are.

Denise in PA said...

Great parade!! I'm thrilled we get to choose our own Schnibble this month! I may do Hot Cross too - I've got the fabric and the pattern all "kitted" up already- just pulled out the bag the other day and said "oh, I forgot I had this" LOL!

carol fun said...

Another wonderful parade! I didn't get done this month but I have high hopes for next month. Thanks for hosting this great event each month.

carol fun said...

Another wonderful parade! I didn't get done this month but I have high hopes for next month. Thanks for hosting this great event each month.

Gretchen said...

Wonderful parade! I love how so many made their Leap Year larger or even into a long table runner.

Simone de Klerk said...

The diversity is incredible!

Carol said...

Love the quilts, all so nice. A few made the 36 patch, I considered it but ended up making the 16 patch.

Darlene said...

I love the Schnibbles parades. Always so many beauties providing inspiration.

It was really sweet of Carrie to provide a free pattern. :-)

What to do in July???? HMMMM!

Lesley said...

What a wonderful parade! Even though I made a Leap Year, I feel like making another, 'cause there are so many beautiful versions in your parade and Sherri's. As always, thanks for hosting and love the next quilt! Anything I want...mmmm...and I have several Schnibbles patterns and books in my sewing corner! It's going to be fun!

Thim3 said...

Where do you get the pattern for the Leap year quilt? They all look so pretty and easy.

Shannon said...

I love being able to see the same pattern in so many different ways.

Polly said...

I loved the parade! Such different looks!! Help me out here, though, Sinta! I went to Miss Rosie's site and could not find Bounce!?!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

What a wonderful parade! I just could not fit one more thing into June, but I still plan to make this one. ;-) Have a very happy July!

Stina Blomgren said...

Hi Sinta.... I thought I recognised the quilt....;0))) thank you for your sweet words.... I can tell you it is one of my most loved quilts too...;0) your version became so soft and it... Always so nice to see all the schnibble quilts... So fun to make.... Have a great summer...hugs