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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Show and Tell and Hide and Seek

I have a little show and tell today!
It's called Bird Seed.

I finished a project that had been pushed aside.

I had been wanting to make an Orange Peel quilt for 
quite some time.

And I am so glad I made this one that combines
Flying Geese with the Orange Peels!

(did you notice Lottie, the cat, sitting on the rocks in the photo above)

It was super fun to make and I used fabric 
that I had been "aging to perfection" in my stash.

I actually had to looked back in my blog to see when I started it.
This was a photo of my progress in June.

Here is a photo of the actual pattern.

It is a free pattern by Tula Pink on the Bernina web site.
I believe it was in German... but just needed to be translated.
I love her colors and how the grays are on the bottom of the

But I think that I will be finishing it and gifting it to my
son Tauren and his soon to be bride Heather for their wedding
in April. So, I kept my version lighter.
I will mention that they like Fall colors...
so maybe
 this is
 the beginning
 of Autumn ???

18 friends stopped by to chat:

Jeanna said...

Beautiful quilt, the colors. This will make a great wedding quilt. (I guess it won't be a surprise?)

Patty said...

This is spectacular! I'm tempted to make one too!

Loris said...

What a wonderful quilt! It looks like it would be a lot of fun to sew. Lottie likes it too =^.^=

Sue said...


What a special wedding gift you have made for them :-D

T Holzer said...

Very, very cool quilt! Love it!!

Unknown said...

Most definitely a striking quilt.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful quilt! And it's always nice when you have the perfectly aged fabric on hand! It will be a wonderful wedding gift.

Kris said...

Beautiful, as always Sinta!!!!
XO Kris

Hildy said...

It's a beautiful quilt! I'm sure your son and his bride will love it:-)

Thelma said...

I LOVE this quilt Sinta, Your choice of colors are perfect, what a lucky couple! What a great free pattern, thanks for the tip.

Margaret said...

Sinta, this quilt is absolutely gorgeous! The colors that you used, and the placement of the colors is perfect- it couldn't be better.I'm sure your son and his bride will love it!

Susan P said...

I saw this quilt made up in a quilt store while visiting Las Vegas and I had to immediately buy the Tula Pink fabric and download the pattern. I'm not so great at picking different fabric for a quilt when it's shown as a sample. I just don't have the confidence that I'll like the quilt as much. I love your fabric choices. Your quilt is just as beautiful.

gailss said...

Wonderful job Sinta and bet you are pleased to have finished these peels. There is such a great feeling when a top comes together and what a great wedding present this is going to be....;)))

Anita said...

Just love this quilt! Such great color choices! Great start to 2016 :)

Anonymous said...

Love your quilt! I have been wanting make an orange peel quilt too. I love how you combined the flying geese pattern with it. Really lovely!

QuiltSue said...

That's lovely and I bet your son and almost DIL will love it. I too am making an orange peel quilt at the moment - great minds obviously think alike.

Cheryl said...

Great quilt! I love the orange peel design, so classic.

Teje said...

Hi! This is so beautiful quilt! I love the pattern with mixed orange peels and flying geese. Your fabrics and colours are beautiful and I like how you have arranged them! Greetings from Greece! x Teje