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Monday, February 1, 2016

Checked-in and Checked-off


Well, I made it through... 
through the first month of this year and
I actually completed my BOM rehab for January!

I have my first two Yuletide block of the month's completed!

It's kind of fun to be working on something "holiday" related...

I do like prolonging holidays!

This block was fun to make and so much easier than
the Coastal Lily block on my other quilt.

I did get to do a little embellishing on 
the wedding invitations for my son and soon to be DIL!

And I got them all in the mail today!

At first I but everything together like a left-hander.
Then I realized it... when I was half way through...
I un-assembled by work and put things together
as if I was a right handed person opening the 
you wouldn't think that there was a difference but there really is!
Instead of the flower part of the card exposed at the top...
the writing of the names were showing.

I have been working on my Bees Knees blocks too!
My group is making the main block and for everyone
that I get back in the mail I am making the alternate block
that will go into the quilt.
I now have 7 main blocks and 8 alternate.

And speaking of block of the month's...
I evidently signed up for one and perhaps,
 had forgotten about it. 
I am in the Fig Tree Mystery II BOM that
should be in my mailbox this week!
What a fun surprise!

(I seriously don't know how that happened...
maybe I was on a waiting list)?
Lucky me!

4 friends stopped by to chat:

Anonymous said...

LOL ... I had to make a list of everything I signed up for this year. Too much for sure, but it will be fun getting those packages. I'll enjoy seeing you do the Fig Tree Yuletide BOM. Mine are in a project box from last year. Haven't started it yet at all.

Needled Mom said...

I really like those lillies and the bee blocks look fantastic. Super cute invitations too.

Hildy said...

The wedding invitations look fatanstic! Love your Fig Tree and Bee blocks both are beautiful:-)

gailss said...

Busy time for you Sinta and looking in good shape....I also signed up for FigTree Mystery BOM and just got last night....yea! love your invitations and Yuletide blocks(you will be ready for the holidays with a new quilt this year;)))