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Friday, May 12, 2017

Sunkissed Picnic Petals!

My LAQ shared a photo of my quilt, Picnic Petals,
 that she just finished! 
Next weekend is our guild's quilt show... so this one will be entered!
I am so excited with her quilting. 
I just told her to do whatever she wanted to do.
I can't wait to get the binding on it... and a sleeve.

 I am playing with another project.

Remember last week or so, when 
I went pattern shopping... and all of them fit perfectly?!

Well, here is my start on one of the Pattern Basket's patterns!
This one is Sunkissed.

This is such a fun block for scraps and
it's completely stress free...
I like that kind of sewing!


7 friends stopped by to chat:

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Beautiful work. That quilting is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love both updates - that petals quilt is gorgeous and I'm on the edge of getting the Sunkissed pattern as well - I love easy peasy choices sometimes. Thanks for sharing as always and have a wonderful Mother's Day! Jennifer @ seamscrazyquilts

Hildy said...

Beautiful quilt and quilting! And I love your new blocks so fresh looking!

Loris said...

The petals quilt is beautiful! Your quilt show looks like it is going to be great :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow Singapore such beautiful work,well done xx

Needled Mom said...

The quilting is really pretty. Happy Mothers Day.

Sherry said...

The quilt and quilting is just beautiful!