Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Free Choice Parade! and Good News

Looks like there is lots of celebrating... did you know that it's not only your unbirthday and my birthday, but it's Carrie's birthday today also! Please go send her some love and birthday wishes...

Here is what I have so far for our year of Le Petite:
Each project is announced the first of the month and the parade is the first of the next month.
Parade dates:
Nov. 2010   Pagainini
Feb. 2011  Mon Ami
March 2011   Sweet Spot
April 2011   Endless Summer
May 2011   Brocante
June 2011  Candy Bar
July 2011   Ric Rac or Recess
August 2011   George
Sept 2011   Honeycomb
October 2011 Free Choice

I had to put it all down on paper because I was ready to go one more month!
I can't believe the year is finishing up and you all have been so amazing and creative
this past year with Le Petite.
I have enjoyed seeing the patterns come to life each month!
Thank you all for sharing your quilts!
A special thank you to our featured quilt shops and to Carrie
for her talent and her generosity and support of our parades.
And special thanks to Cara (MBS) and Sherri (This and That patterns)
and also Pam Buda from Heartspun Quilts
for supporting our group on the months we did their
wonderful patterns!
So what's up nest????
Well, two things... next month we will have a parade that will link to your blog
and you will be able to show all of your projects, maybe even all 12) at one time for Le Petite.
That will be Nov. 1st.

I am working on a little Schnibble right now... because
I'm just addicted and can't stop.
How about you???
Sherri and I have been talking... and we were wondering if anyone would be up
for Another Year of Schnibbles???
WE have it planned to start the first of January.
What do you say?
Are you ready for a little break... and then start 2012 with more Schnibbles???
We are excited about it...
we haven't told Carrie yet, but I know she will be excited too.

So for now let's have our Free Choice parade!!
The last of our Le Petite Parades!

edit 10/2 it seems that we have inadvertedly left out our sweet Kim's quilt:
It's a Halloween Lincoln from Kim's Big Quilting Adventure!
Sorry Kim... I thought the Holloween theme was a great idea, made with leftovers from her
1904 quilt.
First up is by Sandy F. (no blog)
She commented in her email:
I chose Reveille. This was a fun pattern. 
 I used Panier de Fleurs by French General. LOVE the fabrics

This is Full House by Linda at the Quilted Pineapple, she commented:
Went together faster and easier than any Schnibbles I've ever made!!!  Came together like BUTTER!!

Next is one made by Simone.
She commented:
This pattern and Cracked Pots inspired me to play with the 'full houses' and court house steps. It has been long ago, since I played with a pattern and not just 'following' the 'rules'.

Short Story 004.jpg

From Mary at the blog QUILT HOLLOW
I made a larger version of Short Story and had hoped to have it quilted by today. (insert my wishful thinking!)  Here is two pictures as I didn't know which you would want.  I used Moda's Fandango line from last year

From Leah at the blog QUILTED DELIGHTS. She said:
I picked the new "Spot" pattern and used the Countdown to Christmas from Moda.

This one is from Satu.
She commented: The Summer Day is 'our' Le Petit project in this month.
The fabrics are all the old ones... so it's sewed in the spirit of 80's!

Next up is the pretty pink and lavender one that is by Paulette.
She had hers done and emailed to me within days of starting this project!

Here is one by Sandie at Crazy Bout Quilts.
She commented: Great fun!

Next up is this pattern created by LeAnn at Sewing Straight Stitches
I actually don't remember this cute pattern... called A Little Bit Country.
LeAnn made it with Oasis fabric.

And here is one that came in just just under the wire:
McGuffy is made out of  Hometown fabric by Michelle at Island Life Quilts.

Shannon made a table runner for her Le Petite project.
Bright and fun... that will make for a lively table!

Make sure you stop by Sherri's blog and see the rest of the parade over there!
Thanks again for making this a wonderful parade of quilts!
See you tomorrow for the parade of winners!
Please let us know if you would be interested in signing up for
Another year of Schnibbles...
(after a brief break)

26 friends stopped by to chat:

Linda said...

Oh I am so IN for Another Year of Schnibbles!!!

Carol said...

The quilts are all so nice. Yes, I'm up for another year of Schnibbles. I'll be ready in January. Happy Birthday Sinta!

Jules said...

Love seeing all the patterns we chose and I'm especially liking the house pattern!

Happy Birthday to you & Carrie!! :)

May Kristin said...

Thanks for the parade! So many beautiful quilts! So fun to see, and even more because I missed out, again...
I'll better get around and make some of the quilts I've missed making!
And I would love another year of Schnibbles!

Cardygirl said...

They all look great...silly me thought I had another month to go too! I was all revved up, didn't realise I had done number 12! Looks like another year would be good...I will have to assemble my pics for the next parade! Happy Birthday to you!

Jocelyn said...

Sinta I would love to be a part of another year of Schnibbles. It was so much fun the first time around. Then we moved, and I had a fall which fractured my back, so the quilting and sewing was put aside for a while. I love Carrie's Schnibbles patterns. I hope I can get myself together enough to participate. And I hope Carrie is up for it too. So sorry about her Mom's ill health. Did you get the Birthday cake she was making for you????

Carol said...

I'd be interested in another year of schnibbles. Happy birthday!

Dee said...

You know, I missed out on the first Year of Schnibbles. I had never even heard of them at the time. (I guess I must have been living under a rock.) But I'd love to participate next year. I probably have close to 100 charm packs, so I can probably do them all from my stash!

Leah said...

Such lovely quilts! Everyone did a great job. I would love to be part of another year of Schnibbles! I can't wait!

And Happy Birthday!! :)

Sharrieboberry said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a special day!

And I'm up for another Year of Schnibbles. NOT that I can sew them--just so that I can SEE them. They're FABULOUS!

Dorothy said...

Count me in on A year Of Schnibbles! I love the patterns and have lots of fabric to use. Please add me to your list

Anonymous said...

I would love to be involved in another year of Schnibbles! Thank you so much for hosting this past year. It has been a blast!

Kim said...

Happy birthday to YOU, Sinta! And yes, of COURSE I want to keep making Schnibbles each month! Thanks so much to you and Sherri for being willing to do all the work so we can keep having fun each month!

Béa said...

After this year break I would be happy to re-start a year of schnibbles. Wonderful parade, again. XO

Simone de Klerk said...

Beautiful quilts. Love, how there are so many different ones this time, having a free choice (o:
I would love to join another year of Schnibbles, but maybe this time with some smaller projects, as 2 years of Schnibbles have given me loads of small quilts. But like this year, I didn't join all the months, so maybe that will be an option.
Happy Birthday, Sinta! And thank you so much for having organized another year of amazing fun!

Satu said...

OH yes, I'm ready for the another year too! Actually I got yesterday message that Carrie's new book is on the shelf of the bookstore... ;)

Anonymous said...

Count me in! (insert giggle) I hope the New Year I will do better to stay on task! I love quilting these little buggers! Can I make one suggestion though? Instead of announcing that month's pattern the day it starts leaving us to scramble for the pattern....can it be announced at least a week earlier to give us mailing time in case it isn't in our pattern stash? This was huge for me. Thanks! OH....and if you consider another designer could we look at Patchalot Patterns? I suggested Fish Camp earlier this year and was told the year was already planned out....just a thought.

Sandy F said...

Oh for sure, count me in on another year of Schnibbles!

Mary said...

I'd love it if you did another year. I didn't get in on the beginning of this year and just never got going - and of course since it's over, I'm ready to start now! My vote is a definite YES!!!

Ruth said...

Can a new person Schnibble along with you? I'm loving doing them.

Lesley said...

The parade of quilts is beautiful! As I posted to Sherri, yes, please do another year...I missed the first, am doing some on my own, and am so readyto do more! Happy Birthday to you!

Shannon said...

A break would be great. I am excited about starting in January. It will be so cool to start again!! You ladies have worked hard at keeping Le Petite so fun!! Thank you!

Thelma said...

How can we LIVE without another Year of Schnibbles!!
Count me in!

LuAnn said...

I've had Schnibble envy since I saw these little quilts showing up on Linda's (Quilted Pineapple) and Cardygirl's blogs. So if you are signing new people for the next round, I'd love to join.

Michele said...

Amazing quilts as usual!!! I love the plan! I could use a break to maybe get some things quilted, before we resume in January. What a great idea :-) I'm glad you and Sherri plan to continue. I was afraid it might be over! Thank you :-)

Gretchen said...

Great parade! Everything was crazy for me so I didn't get my Schnibble done this month. I am definitely IN for another year. These are so much fun to make and I love seeing all the different versions. Thank you again for all your hard work hosting:)